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Wood and Steel
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Top 20 Signs That Your Band Might Be Heading in Another Direction
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The Divine Comedy
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Why there are No Passes for the Birthday Bash
My Ears are Open, So is My Mind by Malice, 12/1/05
Lack of Ingenuity in Music by Malice, 11/23/05
Will it ever stop? by Malice, 8/31/05, on the shooting of Suge Knight at the Video Music Awards show.
My Letter to the TABC; their response, by Charles Hurley, 7/12/05. This was after Ernie AK-47 of the Cantina Flys was arrested by the TABC before their set at Crawdaddy's, 6/25/05.

How Not to Make a Sketch Video, by Charles Hurley, 7/11/05