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Tyrone Vaughan, Downtime (one song only This one is from Tyrone Vaughan, son of Jimmie Vaughan, and nephew of SRV. It's a country song, Downtime, from the CD of the same name.

What I got is not actually a CD - rather, it's a CD with one song on it. They clearly see this as single material. I'm sure it will get some airplay, and it would sound great on a CD with other songs on it, but I don't see it as a chart-topper. Tyrone Vaughan will definitely have a career of some renown, but to get to a higher level, he needs better songs. Still, I will definitely keep an eye on him. With his name and his talent, he'll be a force for a long time.

The song is very well produced, with a robust sound - the rhythm guitar is way up in the mix. I can also hear what sounds like a ukelele, but is apparently a banjo (you'd think I'd recognize that, since I just watched Deliverance), drums, some lead guitar and steel guitar. The bass is pretty much hidden in the rhythm guitar.

The video is nice; mostly just Tyrone singing and playing his guitar on some farm out in the country.

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