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EPMS FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What kind of music is supported on elpasomusicscene.com?

A: We try to support all music in El Paso. By that, we mean that we will list all bands in the Bands list, and we will interview bands/artists of any kind of music, as long as there is some interest. We aren't reviewing live music of mariachi groups, because we don't feel qualified to say why one group/artist is better than another in this area.

Q: Who does elpasomusicscene.com?

A: The interviews and reviews of shows are done by Charles Hurley. The web programming and hosting is done by Juggernaut Client/Server Consulting, and there is some paid clerical work done.

Q: Why is there missing information on my favorite band?

A: Probably because they haven't sent it to us, and we either don't have an e-mail address for them, or they haven't responded to our requests. Either send us the URL of their web site or MySpace.com page, or get them to send us their info.

Q: Why haven't you interviewed my favorite band?

A: Either we haven't gotten around to them, or they have not answered our requests. We will get around to interviewing all bands that want to be interviewed by us. We work with those that want to work with us.

Q: How do I get my band's CD reviewed?

A: To get your CD reviewed, mail or bring it to:
El Paso Music Scene
attn: Charles Hurley
11705 Coral Palm
El Paso, Texas 79936

Note that, even if you drop it off, it must still be addressed, or it might get lost. We wouldn't want that to happen. Either way, e-mail us afterward at bigcheese@elpasomusicscene.com, so we know to look for it.

Q: Where do you get the information for the Events list?

A: This information comes from all over, but mostly from people e-mailing it to us.

Q: How do we submit information on our band?

A: E-mail it to bandsubmit@elpasomusicscene.com.

Q: How do we submit information on our event?

A: 1) E-mail it to events@elpasomusicscene.com, or 2) Phone it in (speak slowly) to 1-866-240-3047. Honestly, though, we don't check the phone messages very often.

Q: How do we get you to interview our band or review one of our shows?

A: We can only do so much, but it will help a lot if you make sure we have good contact info for your band. Also, it will help if you let us know that your band is interested and available.

Q: What is the point of the 4-question interviews?

A: We don't have time to interview all bands, all the time. Besides, that would get old for the bands, for us, and for our readers. In a 4-question interview, we can get a quick update on something, maybe with a band member that wasn't in the interview we did with their band, and be a little light-hearted at the same time. In other words, we're just trying to be fun, and keep people's names out front.

Q: How many interviews, reviews, etc., do you do per week?

A: Our goal is to do 1-2 local interviews, 1 road band interview, 2 reviews, 1 CD reviews, and several (maybe one a day) 4-question interviews per week.

Q: Why do you have to criticize my favorite band? Who cares if they do a few things that aren't perfect?

A: We aren't cheerleaders. It isn't interesting to read somebody that likes everything about everybody. Who ever reads restaurant reviews, where they don't have any valid criticism? Nobody, except the restaurant management, who get reviewed by spending money advertising in the paper. Every band has strong points and weak points, and we write about both if they are worth noting. Some bands get really pissed off about this, but such is life.

Q: Your review, or interview, or CD review of my favorite band, or my band, was off the mark. How can I tell everybody what I think?

A: We post all of them in the forums. You can respond there.

Q: Why are there so few posts on the Forums?

A: It is hard to get a forum, or bulletin board, started. We have done many sites, and it takes a long time. We get a lot of traffic to this site, and a lot of traffic to the forums, but people don't post if they don't see other people posting already. In fact, if you want to help out EPMS, do us a favor and make some posts ... don't just wait until you see somebody else post something you want to respond to. We have some ideas about picking up the pace of the forums posts, including combining the forums of several sites.

Q: Can I get you to post information on my DJ crew?

A: This site is all about live music, but we will try to help. Send it to us, we will post it under 'Misc.'

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