El Paso Music Scene

Aisling e-mail interview

This is not a typical interview; it was sent to us by Paul Ward, guitar player for Aisling, in response to an e-mail questionnaire we sent them seeking info for our bands list.

EPMS: your 3-4 best/most popular songs:

Paul Ward: In The Midst Of It All, VHLN, & White Lie http://www.myspace.com/aisling (a couple of them are there to check out)

EPMS: How long together?

Paul Ward: Since 1998

EPMS: Places played in EP:

Paul Ward: E-9, Club 101, Diablo Stadium, Nakyes Stadium, Hiney's, the T Lounge, Bennigans, Renagade Tattoo, Bombadiers, Club Vallare...

EPMS: Out of town gigs:

Paul Ward: Have previously played many out of town shows throughout the West Coast, Arizona, and New Mexico

EPMS: Non-music background of musicians:

Paul Ward: I'll get back to you on this one...

EPMS: Most interesting thing about the band:

Paul Ward: You never know what we're gonna do next...

EPMS: How do you like playing in EP?

Paul Ward: El Paso is our practice town. We usually only play where there's a really good show or when we need to practice our live performance. We love our El Paso fans, but the music scene isn't all too great...it can be a little discouraging at times.

EPMS: Where did you get the name for the band?

Paul Ward: The internet of course...Aisling is an Irish word meaning dream or vision.

EPMS: What percentage of your songs are original?

Paul Ward: 99.5%

EPMS: Fave hangout, either bar/restaurant?

Paul Ward: The Comic Strip, the T Lounge...Not one in particular...we usually stay home.

EPMS: Are you available for interview?

Paul Ward: YES

Paul also provided us some more info, which is now on the Aisling page in the Bands section.