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Al Miranda, Jr. 4 Questions Interview

EPMS: What's the story on Soul Survivor?

Al: Basically, I've had this band since 1999. Since then, we've had different people in and out. I used to be the lead vocalist, but that got hectic for me, so I got Danny Duran, as the front man. He looks good, so far we've been real comfortable with him. He's 28. Me and the drummer, Carlos Rojo, have been playing together for years. He used to be with me in ICU, another band we had. I got him drumming. Also Ruben Carro, who has been our bass player since we started. We've got on rhythm guitar, Hector Vargas. We're getting good response doing classic rock, and we want to do blues.

EPMS: OK, but what El Paso wants to know is this: If you woke up hung-over one morning, with your girlfriend yelling at you, and a sheep in the bed, what would you do?

Al: Charles, you farmboy, you're sick.

EPMS: If you had to play another instrument, what would it be?

Al: Keyboards, even though I don't know any chords, and I play them like a typewriter. I wish I knew piano.

EPMS: So what's next for Soul Survivor?

Al: We're gonna play The Other Bar, near the Stampede, in June.

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