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Interview with Awar and Icon the Mic King - El Paso Music Scene

EPMS: How long have you guys been in the music business?

Awar: I've been doing this about eight years.

Icon: Me, about ten years and still no end in sight!

EPMS: How do feel about tonight's show and performance?

Icon: We rocked the crowd. Despite this long-ass flight we got the energy somehow. But the performance reflects the crowd. The crowd was small but I got them up and into it. If there was more people I would have been crazy on stage!

Awar: Ditto! HAHAHAHAHA!

EPMS: Icon, you are from Philadelphia and Awar, you are from Albany, NY. What do you guys think of El Paso?

Icon: Well, we were in El Paso all of half an hour before we got to the show.

Awar: Yea, but its WARM here! Nice and warm! Big difference from up north.

Icon: And you all got BEAUTIFUL women! We have no complaints!

Awar: That's right. No complaints.

EPMS: Thanks. Who are your influences?

Icon: Icon.

Awar: Haha, yea we are our own influences.

Icon: And Wu-Tang, Era...

Awar: Nas, and Fallen Angels.

EPMS: Will you guys be coming back to El Paso for other shows?

Icon: Brings us back!

Awar: Yea, bring us back, we'll come!

EPMS: What advice can you two give to newer musicians coming into the music scene, or have already stepped into it?

Awar: Make music, that's all I can say.

Icon: Don't wait, just take it. You gotta build it yourself.

Awar: Yea, you will be known by your fan base, word of mouth. Good music is good music.

Icon: Exactly.

- Malice

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