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Interview with Barbara of And the Furies Say...

The Band:
Julian - Bass
Chris - Guitar
Keith - Guitar
Barbara - Cello
Joe - Drums
Aimee - Keyboard
Greg - French Horn


EPMS Note: I happened to stop in at the Velvet Rose Lounge for the first time, and I struck up a conversation with the bartender, Barbara. It turns out she's also the cellist of And the Furies Say... (the dots at the end are part of the name). She was an interesting person to talk to - she's a physics major at UTEP, even - so I decided to interview her. Here we go...

EPMS: What is the story of And the Furies Say...?

Barbara: We're a seven-piece band, including a french horn, 2 guitars, bass, drums, keys and cello. We got together in August of last year. We're going to be hitting the studios soon. This will be our first CD. We play instrumental music. We're going to keep it that way.

There's something similiar about all of our tastes in music. We like progressive music. Every time I play, I feel like we're going somewhere. It moves me. I hope we do the same for other people... We're kind of like an orchestra. We've been described as "Apocalypse in 3/4 time"

EPMS: How is And the Furies Say... not like ELO?

Barbara: We don't have that many people. Our sound is much darker. We're pretty dark. Any time I tell people I play cello in a rock band, they like to compare it to Rasputina, but I think, I like Rasputina, but I don't want to do what they're doing. It's a different experience altogether.

EPMS: How did you end up with a french horn and a cello in the band?

Barbara: The band started with me and Chris jamming out one night. We brought in Keith, then we added Julian. For about two weeks, it stayed like that. We started writing music, jamming, we had a blast together. We all thought it'd be cool to add keys, then Aimee came in, and she knew exactly what to do with the music. Then we brought in a drummer, Mike - we've just had a drummer since we started jamming at Moontime. Then, Moontime closed. Then, I just started hearing french horn parts. I just thought it'd be so beautiful. Somehow, we got a hold of Greg and it's kind of funny, because we were practicing Sundays at Moontime, and we'd have people walk in, thinking Moontime was open. We'd send them away. We sent this blonde kid away. He came back a few minutes later, and said "I was told to come here, I heard y'all were looking for a french horn player."

He ended up staying. He started blowing some really cool parts.

EPMS: What is your background that'd cause you to think you needed a french horn player?

Barbara: I've played classical music for 10 years. I've always loved the french horn. I always thought it was close in soul to the cello. So, this was my chance to do something artistic with it.

- Charles Hurley

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