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Bowels Out Interview


The Band:
J. Twisted - bass, lead vocals
Pancake - drums
Steaksauce - guitar, vocals
The Gimp - guitar

This interview was conducted at the Special Edition Lounge, and included J. Twisted (Juan), The Gimp (Chris Perez), and Juan's girlfriend, Krystale, who showed up toward the end. BTW, the waitress mentioned that Juan sings nice karaoke there at times!

EPMS note: the language contained herein is quite raunchy. Consider yourself warned!

EPMS: You say you were at the Slunt show?

Juan: I had contacted Slunt about being on their street team, which allows you to get into the show for free. I also like them a lot. I saw them on the Marilyn Manson tour with my girlfriend. Another reason is that I want to start getting contacts with bigger bands to do bigger shows. I run Twisted Productions, and through that I bring bands to El Paso. I was backstage with them before their show. Slunt gave us all their lite beer. I thought they were being cool, but really, they were just losing the lite beer.

EPMS: What did you think about their set?

Juan: I thought it was awesome. They should have no problem making it bigger.

(Juan introduces me to Chris Perez, also known as The Gimp, of the band)
Juan: Chris is also the newest member of Bowels Out.

EPMS: How old are you, Chris?

Chris: 22.

EPMS: How long has he been with Bowels Out?

Juan: About a cunt hair.

Chris: I didn't officially start until September of 2004.

EPMS: What kind of music do you like, Chris?

Chris: All genres, all sorts... Faith no more, Jamiroquai, Suffocation, Pyaemia, Mr. Bungle, Death. I could go on. The first time I heard death metal... it's an acquired taste... it was an accumulation of different metal bands while growing up, more and more extreme. I grew up with Metallica., Sepultura, Ministry, Obituary, Testament. As time progresses, you start looking for other things to feed your tastes. For me, that's what it lead up to.

Juan: I like a bunch of shit nobody else would like... at least, nobody in death metal. Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams Jr., Twisted Sister, I love them (he shows me his Twisted Sister tattoo). Motley Crue... I'm a big fan of Bowels Out (tongue in cheek), I really like what they're doing. Obituary. Napalm Death, are among my favorites. Unleashed. Even some Journey once in a while. Music is limitless. If it's got a cool bass line, and you can groove to it, why not. (Billy Idol comes on the jukebox). I like Billy Idol because my chick looks sexy dancing to his music. Everybody calls Chris, 'The Gimp,' but us and his ex-girlfriend call him 'The Limp.'

Chris: Juan wears his woman's undergarments. I've seen 'em.

EPMS: Adrian and Tury of Pigflesh were telling me last night about how you've given up jobs, etc., for your music.

Juan: I've done a lot more than give up jobs. Everybody gives up jobs in our band. We try to tour when we can, usually in March, when I get my income tax money back, so I have money to be able to do it. Lots of bands want to tour, but don't know how it is. We took PigFlesh to Tucson and Phoenix. The shows went OK... We did a tour of 18 days, eating ramen, whatever anybody wanted to give us. We need our beer, though. Spaghetti-Os, ramen. We eat cold food most of the time.

EPMS: What are your influences?

Juan: Budweiser, PBR, Seagrams 7, Chicos Tacos, my chick's ass on my nose, my balls on the Gimp's chin, some death metal bands.

EPMS: Do you have a comeback to that, Chris?

Chris: I'm thinking of something.

EPMS: What are your favorite 70s bands?

Juan: Kiss... my balls.

Chris: I was just a twinkle in my daddy's eyes.

EPMS: Tell us about your record company signing:

Juan: We got signed to a Canadian label called Civilian Death Network records, or CDN records. We're the first American band signed in the history of the label. I talked to Craig, CDN's owner, two days ago. He asked me for demos, because people are asking for them in Germany and the rest of Europe. Right now, he's working on deal with Crash Music to get a distribution deal in the U.S. He mostly deals in Europe and Canada, but with the help of Crash Music, we can reach limitless boundaries...

Chris: Spew our blasting guttural sickness across the wasteland that is the U.S. Fuck Metal Devastation.

EPMS note: Metal Devastation is a Phoenix club that Bowels Out played with Pigflesh, where things did not go well.

Juan: Fuck Bush.

Chris: Yeah... and Metal Devastation.

EPMS: How long has Bowels Out been in existence?

Juan: Approximately three years, two months. Maybe a cunt hair more. We started back in 2002.

Chris: Since then, there have been some lineup changes.

Juan: There have been member changes since the inception of Bowels Out. Once we found members that fit into the puzzle...

Chris: Several changes, arriving at the current lineup, which has proven to be the strongest.

Juan: We had two members that fucking sucked, that didn't work for the direction of Bowels Out. I'm the only original member. Bowels Out was going to be destroyed. Me, Pancake, and the two current guitar players brought Bowels Out to where it is today.

EPMS: Have you ever played Juarez?

Juan: Yeah, sure have. Fuck Juarez. Every time we play there, we get treated like the fucking stepchild. We have no desire to play in Juarez any more due to the fact that all of them love black metal, and don't understand what the fuck we're saying, anyway. It is even harder for them to understand a growl. We played three times, and had to open each time, and got fucked,... around 94-96, I was in a previous band in Juarez, and respect was given to local bands, even El Paso bands. Now, they have us, Bowels Out, an El Paso band, open for Juarez locals, which I think is a total lack of respect, but fuck them. If they don't like us, we don't give a fuck.

EPMS: What venues did you play in Juarez?

Juan: The Shithole, I think it was called Planet Cock, or Planet Rock, something like that.

EPMS: If you had to choose a different instrument from the one you play now?

Juan: Your cock.

Chris: The banjo.

Juan: Why? I tried to play one at Benny's. I tried to play power chords on it, it didn't work.

Chris: I'd have an excuse to drink moonshine all day.

Juan: I could play the jug...

Chris: I'll be playing banjo, we can drink moonshine. We'll have to change the name of the band.

Juan: To what?

Chris: Banjos Out?

Juan: Bowels Out Does Hillbilly.

EPMS: If you could only have one recreational substance for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chris: Heineken.... whiskey's made with love.

Juan: He asked you for one substance.

Chris: Semen pumped into your mouth.

Juan: That, your mom's titty juice all over my cum-infested face... seriously, I could live off my chick's pussy juice a couple years.

Chris: (to Juan) You're a regular here, right?

Juan: I was here last night.

Chris: How come you never invite me, cocksucker?

Juan: I get fucked up. I was going through a period.

EPMS: What was your avorite cartoon as a child?

Juan: Tom and Jerry.

Chris: Ren and Stimpy.

Juan: (to Chris) Jem.

Chris: I liked Jem.

EPMS: Favorite cartoon now?

Chris: Family Guy.

Juan: Definitely Family Guy.

EPMS: Would you play in a disco band for $100k a year?

Juan: Sure why not.

(At this point, I got up to go to the restroom. When I returned, the following lines had been written in my notebook. Juan and Chris swear nobody touched my notebook, so these words were certainly written by some bad spirit:)
EPMS: I love Bowels out. They kick ass!

Chris: Why thank you, Charles. That's very nice of you.

Juan: Yeah.

EPMS: Can I have an autograph?

EPMS: Who is your favorite dead musician?

Chris: Chuck Schuldiner (Death).

Juan: Eric Carr (the second drummer of Kiss). He brought Kiss to a harder edge.

EPMS: What would you do if you got to the point that you were making $250K per year?

Chris: I would spend it on a lifetime supply of Cheese Whiz, plus video games.

Juan: I'd put it in the bank, and let it grow. Eventually all of it would get blown; I'd be at bar every day. I'd buy a bunch of booze, I'd give my chick anything, including a Trans Am, thongs, get her a pedicure, then I'd pay The Gimp finally for all the times he gave me his white, creamy ass on tour and cases of ramen.

Chris: Woo Hoo!

Juan: We actually thought Chris was a homo on the road.

Chris: Serious?

Juan: Yeah!

EPMS: Who will be the next El Paso band to make it?

Chris: Pigflesh.

Juan: Pigflesh will make it, if they do things right. Demonology, too. Demented Assault, too. You must sacrifice yourself for what you want to do. Lots of bands are content to play clubs in El Paso, but if you really want to make it, you'll take advice from bands that've been there. My choice, in death metal, would be Pigflesh, or Malsum from Las Cruces.

EPMS: Which are the most important extreme bands I need to see?

Juan: Pigflesh.

Chris: Yoda's Eye.

Juan: Yoda's Eye, Malsum.

EPMS note: They gave me Malsum's card, but Malsum has not responded to my e-mail yet.

EPMS: What is Twisted Productions?

Juan: It is basically a brand name that I use for whenever I put on shows with bands from out of town, such as Impaled, Incantation. When I put on a show, it goes under Twisted Productions so people know it is a show put on by myself.

EPMS: The more violence, the better?

Chris: I don't know about violence... it's called a mosh pit.

EPMS: What is a mosh pit all about?

Chris: A mosh pit is...

Juan: A circle of energy.

EPMS note: Krystale, Juan's girlfriend, arrives.

Krystale: It adds passion to the music.

Juan: All I know, when I see mosh pits, it means people like us.

EPMS: I think they're funny.

Juan: Step into the mosh pit, you won't think it funny.

Chris: When people go to metal shows, their intent is hear extreme music, and have a good time. A mosh pit is not meant to be taken to heart. If you're not into extreme music, you have no business being in a mosh pit. If you don't understand what the mosh pit is all about, don't get into one.

Juan: People shouldn't take it to heart if they get knocked down in a mosh pit.

EPMS: (to Krystale) Do you mosh?

Krystale: Yeah, I love it.

Juan: We actually get into mosh pits with our instruments, but I usually get my bass stuck up someone's ass.

EPMS: What do you think of eighteen-year-olds playing extreme music?

Juan: It is a form of music to be played by all ages. There's bands, such as Decapitated, and Lapidate, from Canada, that started at eighteen, with record contracts.

EPMS: Are you going to see Motley Crue when they come?

Juan: Yeah.

EPMS: Describe your music:

Chris: Death grind.

Juan: Blasting, guttural sickness.

EPMS: If you could be in one band, existing or not, for one day, which would it be?

Juan: Twisted Sister

Chris: Faith No More.

EPMS: Who would you rather have sex with in their prime, Barbara Eden, Suzanne Somers, or Christina Applegate?

Juan: Christina.

Chris: Christina... Aguilera.

Krystale: Kelly Bundy.

EPMS: What is the best El Paso strip club?

Krystale: Prince Machiavelli's, on the west side.

Juan: Your mom's house.

Chris: I'm too poor to go to strip clubs.

EPMS: Do you only play Surges?

Juan: Pretty much.. we're comfortable there, we know how it works, we do what we want. Surge's is happy to have us.

EPMS: Tell me about Serge, of Surges:

Juan: Serge is the most caring, understanding, easy going, cocksucking motherfucker that I've ever had the pleasure of working with... and he's pretty hot.

Krystale: Yeah.

Chris: He's always treated us well.

Krystale: I'm gonna buy him a My Little Pony purse for his birthday.

EPMS: Did you ever play the Peanut Gallery?

Juan: Yeah.

EPMS: What do you think of Michael Jackson's sex life?

Juan: He's a fag.

Chris: I don't give a fuck.

Krystale: The bastard had Lisa Marie Presley.

EPMS: You wanted her?

Krystale: Yes, but I'd rather have Anjolina Jolie.

EPMS: How often does Bowels Out play?

Juan: In El Paso, not often any more. When we started in El Paso, we played a lot to get exposure, and gain fans... The last few years, we've been doing tours, we've had lineup changes, stuff like that, so we don't regularly play El Paso at this point... We have to do our album, and have tours. I think we've done all we can in El Paso. Some like us, some hate us. Our goal is to play outside El Paso, outside Texas, and outside the U.S., and try to expose as many people as we can to our music.

EPMS: Anything else you want to tell EPMS readers?

Chris: Everybody be on the lookout for Bowels Out's debut release on CD in the early fall.

- Charles Hurley

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