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Five Questions with Brian Ramos, Thieves of Always


I ran into Brian Ramos of The Thieves of Always in front of The Shine Gallery, where they were going to headline a show later that night.

EPMS: What's going on with the Thieves of Always?

Brian Ramos: We just got back from touring with Sparta one month ago, we start another tour next week in California. We released a CD, The Hedonistic Imperative. We have more tour plans in the future, maybe we'll start to record a new CD in the fall.

EPMS: What about those rumors I heard that Ralf had died?

Brian Ramos: No truth to that at all. LOL.

EPMS: How was the tour?

Brian Ramos: Great, the shows were awesome, we had a great time. Many thanks to Sparta for thinking about us, helping us out, especially, Paul. He's in our corner.

EPMS: How long has the band been together?

Brian Ramos: Three years in November.

EPMS: Describe your sound:

Brian Ramos: Real guitar heavy, psychadelic, a lot of blending of styles. Heavy, psychadelic, progressive rock.

- Charles Hurley

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