El Paso Music Scene

Chris Lugo: 4 questions

I talked to Chris Lugo, bass player for New Horizon, a few hours before their show tonight at the T Lounge. They are opening for the Riverboat Gamblers and the Kissers. He was kind enough to answer a few questions:

EPMS: I don't see where you are doing any other shows? what's up? Do you have any touring plans?

Chris Lugo: right now, we're putting our van back together. Also, we're redesigning the web site. We're thinking of going on tour during the summer. Just Texas, New Mexico, .. maybe Arizona.

EPMS: Why should people want to see tonight's show?

Chris Lugo: If people want to get a taste of a different kind of music than what they usually have in this area. There aren't a lot of bands doing our kind of music.. real original music. We have a talented bunch of musicians who want to put on a good show.

EPMS: How many people do you know with your birthday? Chris Lugo: Just Javi and Nathan, our violin player. The funny thing is, though, a girl I was dating a couple of years ago, her father had the same birthday.

EPMS: How long have you been with Javier?

Chris Lugo: I met him in the Summer. I work in a guitar shop (Frets and Necks). He'd brought his guitar in to be worked on, and we started talking. I knew he had been playing around town. He mentioned that he'd been looking for a bass player, and I told him I'd be interested in hooking up with him.

We started rehearsing in August of last year, and started playing shows in September.

EPMS: Thanks a lot

Chris Lugo: OK, thanks.