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Five Questions with Dario of Bajo Zero

Bajo Zero was setting up for a gig at Crawdaddy's when I ran into them. They have also played Senses Do Brazil a few times in the recent past.

EPMS: What's new with Bajo Zero?

Dario: We're getting around the scene, getting more exposed to different places like Crawdaddy's.

EPMS: How long has the band been together?

Dario: About four or five months.

EPMS: Influences:

Dario: Elefante, and Alex, the drummer for Mana.

EPMS: Where and when would you rather live, 1960 Mayberry, 1960 Mayfield (where Beaver Cleaver lived), 2005 San Francisco, or 2005 New York City?

Dario: New York, today.

EPMS: Hey, if your house gets picked up by a tornado, lands on a witch, and then a bunch of munchkins starts singing to you, what do you say?

Dario: That's some good shit!

- Charles Hurley

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