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Dirtheadz Interview

by Malice

After rounding up the hiphop trio, The DirtHeadz, from Albuquerque, NM I got them inside Hiney's and out of the heat of the outdoors Copal Fest. We grabbed a booth, they ordered drinks, and Prophit seemed to be suffering from stage exhaustion. While waiting for their drinks to come, we started our interview.

EPMS: How long have you three been a group?

Dirtheadz: A little over five years.

EPMS: There are always times you guys will not see eye to eye on things. How do you handle those situations?

Prophit: We talk about it, ya know, talk it out, then we make up.

Physics: We drink. Together.

Dreeg: We don't normally argue. If Physics gets mad at me he won't say it, but I can sense the tension. But we don't argue.

EPMS: What is the ONE thing you should never forget when you are in the music industry?

Dreeg: You're gonna have shows that suck. Deal with it.

Physics: Work work work. Hustle hustle hustle.

Prophit: Never forget where you came from, or how hard it was to get where you are.

EPMS: Your thoughts on the Copal Fest? Did you enjoy performing it?

Physics: It could have been better organized. It was good, but it could have been better. Cutting off The Giantz? Come on, what is that? The crowd wanted more of them!

Dreeg: Everyone's running around like they're heads are cut off. No one could tell us when we perform, and the guy running the show kept blowing us off.

EPMS: What do you guys think of the other performers from today and yesterday?

Dreeg: We give them mad love. Props to coming out, performing in this heat outside for a small crowd. Ya know, keeping the love in the music.

At this point, Prophit returned, apparently the hotdog from Hiney's wasn't so savory. Dreeg bought him a Red Bull and that seemed to put the energy back into Prophit.

Prophit: Red Bull REALLY gives you wings!

EPMS: Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Dreeg: If we haven't blown up by then, I'll be upset. I'm not in it for the money, but we've been in it long enough to get more attention.

Physics: Hopefully getting income and paying our rent with our talent.

Prophit: Paid.

EPMS: If you had to give a speech right now for winning a music award, who would you thank?

Dreeg: Thanks to the fans

Physics: I would thank my family, and everyone who supported and believed in us when no one else did.

Prophit: All the women who think I look good.

EPMS: How's your beers?

Dreeg: (stares at his bottle a few seconds) Delicious!

Physics: It's still full.

Prophit: I have RED BULL, not beer. And eh, it's good.

With that we ended the interview since it was getting hard to hear one another inside Hiney's with the bands playing.

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