El Paso Music Scene

Interview with Eddie Limon of IRS

(International Rockers Society)

EPMS: How long has the band been together?

Eddie Limon: seven years.

EPMS: where are you guys playing these days?

Eddie Limon: We'll be at Handlebars this weekend. We play there about once every other month.

EPMS: where else are you playing?

Eddie Limon: about the only other place we play these days is Special Edition. We're too tied up with our day jobs. We used to play a lot a few years ago; we played The Lobby, Incredibles, Twinz...

EPMS: Do you ever play out of town?

Eddie Limon: no.

EPMS: Who are your influences?

Eddie Limon: David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, and Clapton

EPMS: I hear you play a mean version of 'Bad to the Bone.'

Eddie Limon: (lol) yeah .. it's hard to mess that one up.

EPMS: How do you like playing in El Paso?

Eddie Limon: Well, due to the fact that it's a border city, it's tough. It's tough to find gigs. I have a good friend in Dallas, and he says it's completely different there. When I talk to musicians, they all tell you the same thing. Club owners all want you to play for peanuts, and if you do, they say you're too loud, or they want you to play something different.

EPMS: what kind of clubs do you like to play?

Eddie Limon: We have a better time in smaller bars like Twinz. The same goes with the bar from Incredibles. Age bracket is a major, major, major plus. You've go to be playing in front of the right age group.

EPMS: What is the best age group for you to play for?

Eddie Limon: 35 and up. One time we were playing some place .. I read the crowd .. I knew right away I was in deep shit. We managed to finish the night off, but it wasn't fun... At some bars, they (the crowd) go there just to be there, just to mingle.

EPMS: I guess now you're pickier about where you play?

Eddie Limon: Oh, yeah... The club scene is real tight right now. There's a lot of bars that don't make it.

EPMS: OK, thanks a lot for talking to us. We'll catch you play soon.

Eddie Limon: No problem.

- Charles Hurley