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Finish the Fight Interview

The Band:
Michael Vincent Borrego - Vocals
Leo Olivas - Lead Guitar
"Hex" - Guitar
Carlos Garcia - Drums
Andy Bravo - Bass

We had planned on holding the interview with Finish the Fight at Santa Fe Bar & Grill, but the management there would not let them stay, since they are mostly too young to drink, and they didn't want to drink anything else. So, we moved over to The Tap. We started by talking about singing in key, and the difficulties doing so without monitors. Michael, Carlos, Hex, and Leo took part in the interview.

EPMS: What are your ages?

Michael: 24.

Carlos: 20.

Hex: 21.

Leo: 20.

EPMS: How would you describe your music?

Michael: It's metal, but progressive. Epic in sound, melodic, very driven.

Hex: We try to incorporate all genres.

Michael: I've been playing in bands since I was 16; now I'm 24, and I just finally found a band where we're all friends. They work with me, and I'm very comfortable with them. I sing in key most of the time. We try to be the best we can be.

EPMS: What are your influences?

Leo: I like a lot of old school metal. I grew up with 80's metal, lots of Metallica, Pantera, Van Halen. I like Van Halen a lot. I'm open to all kinds of music.

Michael: People, art, life and Jeff Buckley (singer, who recorded a CD in 1998 or 1997, like a soul-rock CD. He drowned a few weeks after it came out).

Carlos: I'm into 80's metal.

Michael: He really listens to pure emo...

Carlos: My two favorites are Slayer and Story of the Year, although everybody thinks that's gay.

Hex: Juanes, May Falls Through, Inex Truence - they're fucking geniuses...

EPMS: Where do you like to play?

Michael: Surges, The T Lounge, HORR, The Warehouze, The Corral, Skate El Paso, whatever, it doesn't matter.

EPMS: Who else has interviewed you?

Michael: KLAQ, Hero Radio... We've had CD reviews in Whats Up, we had a phone interview in Silver City with Hoobastank (when in previous band). The entire show got cancelled, and I was interviewed on-air...

Michael: We recorded with Mike Major at Rosewood Studios.

Hex: It was a great learning experience. We had a blast, We partied all night.

Michael: When I was a kid, I listened to At the Drive-In, so I always wanted to record there. It was an amazing experience.

EPMS: If you had to swap girlfriends with another member of the band, which one would it be?

Hex: We just got dumped, Michael and I.

Carlos: I have the hottest girlfriend.

Michael: I would do both of their girlfriends.

Carlos: I think Michael has a chick's body. If you put boobs on Michael, I think I'd do him.

EPMS: I was starting to think y'all were like Journey.

Hex: We are.

Michael: We secretly want to be a hair band.

Hex: What?

Michael: You know we do, but time is not on our side, it takes time to grow hair.

Carlos: We're going to bring back the 80's trend in hair bands.

Michael: One thing I want to let people know, we don't want to take ourselves too seriously... we can play all styles, country, whatever. It's all about just having fun.

Hex: I can't wait until Friday; we're going to Cincinnati Street.

Michael: For the homies.

Carlos: To a lot of people, we're known as being conceited, but we're really the biggest, friendliest mamònes there are.

Michael: The truth is, in the local music scene, lots of people spread rumors, for whatever reason. Even though everybody talks about us, we support everybody, but people are monsters.

Hex: We're not death metal. I don't even think we're metal.

Carlos: We're monkeys on skates.

Hex: We're just trying to put everything we know as musicians into our music, and it just comes out sounding sort of like metal, but I don't think we're metal.

Michael: Finish the Fight will always be open to new ideas. If we decide on our next CD to change who we are, or our style, we will. I think people would laugh if they heard us practice, the stuff we play, we just fuck around, play country, whatever. We just jam, mess around.

EPMS: Who is your favorite country artist?

Leo: I don't have any favorites.

EPMS: You like them all?

Leo: No, I don't like any.

Michael: Robert Earl Keen.

EPMS: What would you do if you had a hottie in the car, she insists that you use a condom, you're at the only open store in town, and you don't have enough money?

Leo: I'd go whack it in the car.

EPMS: On a scale of one to ten, how good are you at masturbation?

Leo: I've only done it twice, both times in front of Michael.

Michael: I'd give him a seven.

(orders water)

Michael: When we toured, I drank every night, and at the end of the tour, I couldn't talk.

Hex: May Falls Through and I want my fucking amp back! (inside joke)

Carlos: Neither, I'd lick her ass. I'd just bust the anal shit.

Michael: I would use Saran Wrap.

Leo: You can't use Saran Wrap!

Michael: Yeah, you can.

Hex: That's only for oral sex.

Michael: I'd just do her in her ass, without a condom.

Michael: Seriously, I'd blow it off.

Hex: I want my amp back!

EPMS: (to Michael) Where do you have your tattoos?

Michael: Just on the right side of my neck, on my hands, on my whole left arm, on my back, stomach, most of my right arm. Soon to be on my muscular stomach.

Leo: Hopefully on his face. If you want to see real hot chicks, go to www.8streetlatinas.com

EPMS: Your mom's there?

Leo: My mom's on bunnyteens.com.

Michael: Seriously, I want to thank my mom, she's really supportive. She's everybody's mom in the band.

Hex: She sings in key, too.

Michael: As much fun as we like to have, we do work hard. We don't try to be something we aren't, we just are what we are. We want to make this our profession. We want to get on the road, tour, and get out there.

Michael: We're all straight, except for Andy. LOL.

EPMS: What is your favorite 70's band?

Michael: I like Pink Floyd, the Doors, Led Zeppelin.

Hex: The Beach Boys.

Michael: The Beatles.

Hex: Jefferson Starship.

Leo: Jefferson Starship.

Michael: Lylah (facetiously).

EPMS: If you had to choose another instrument, what would it be?

Michael: probably guitar, drums. I'd like to be a DJ.

Leo: I'd play drums.

Hex: C major harmonic (facetiously).

Carlos: I'll be the singer or I'd be the clown from Slipknot.

EPMS: What local band would you like to be in?

Leo: I love our band

Michael: Shawshank.

Hex: Inex Truence.

Carlos: I'd be the third guitarist for Soma. We could make bad-ass three-part harmony.

Michael: If Shawshank wouldn't take me, then ...Three Turtles.

EPMS: If had to bet your life on who has the biggest dick in the band, who would you say?

Hex: Leo.

Carlos: Andy.

Michael: Me.

Leo: Hex. I'll go with Hex on that one.

Carlos: I have a little penis. Nobody chose me.

Hex: I don't know. I don't want to know.

EPMS: If you could be in any band for one day, which would it be?

Carlos: Story of the Year.

Michael: The Mars Volta.

Hex: Happy 420.

Leo: Metallica, about 1987.

EPMS: What should be the drinking age?

Michael: 18.

Leo: 18, too.

Hex: 16.

Carlos: When you have hair on your balls.

EPMS: What if we're talking about your kids?

Hex: 53.

Michael: 18.

Carlos: 21.

Leo: I'd have my kids drinking ever since they come out of the nut sack. Like father, like son.

EPMS note: I didn't have the heart to tell him he didn't come out of the nut sack.

EPMS: Who is your favorite dead musician?

Michael: I'd have to say, Jim Morrison.

Leo: Dimebag.

Hex: Dimebag.

Carlos: Ritchie Valens

EPMS: Who will be the next band to make it from El Paso?

Michael: Probably Soma.

Leo: Probably Soma.

Carlos: I don't know if they're still around, but Fueled II Fire. They're well-known, and they go on pretty big tours.

Hex: It could've been Inex Truence.

EPMS: Give me some good gossip on Andy:

Carlos: Stoner!!!!

Michael: He's only shown up one day to practice this month.

Hex: Instead of buying a bass (speaker) cabinet, he bought a Hookah Bong... and I fucking love him.

Leo: He's the biggest nerd on earth for getting Lord of the Rings tattoos.

EPMS: Anything else to tell your fans?

Hex: I hope everybody sees past the bullshit, and just listens to the music. Everybody's music.

Michael: Music is music, people are people, unless you walk a mile in somebody's shoes, you don't know where they've been, or who they are. If people like our music, that's really cool. If not, that's OK. It's nothing personal to us.

Leo: Every rose has it's thorn.

Carlos: To me, right now, it's not a competition. In El Paso, we're all brothers... metal is metal.

- Charles Hurley

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