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I had the opportunity to sit down at Chico's Tacos with local producer Flipcyide. While we were waiting for our number to be called, we got started on the interview.

EPMS: Where did the name 'FlipCyide' come from?

FlipCyide: In 1992, me and my manager/brother were hanging out and said that I reminded him of this cartoon DJ called Flipside.

EPMS: How long have you been a producer?

FlipCyide: Just about eleven years.

EPMS: Who have your influences been?

FlipCyide: Oh God, there's a million. The main ones are Mozart, Miles Davis, Billy Holiday, DJ Premiere, Tony Touch and Rza, and Jane's Addiction.

EPMS: What do you think of all of these local HipHop groups?

FlipCyide: I think its good, you know, its good that people are trying to do something with HipHop and keep it alive. I give a lot of props to the veterans and to the newcomers jumping into the game and helping push it. Anyone who's helps, I'm all for them.

EPMS: Do you think you've gotten a big head from the fame you have achieved so far?

FlipCyide: What fame? Hahaha. Some people say I'm famous but I still feel like the same old Flip everyday. If they say I'm famous thats cool, but I don't have a big head. When I'm hanging out with the big boys like Snoop Dogg or whoever, then I'll know I'm famous. But I will always know where I came from.

EPMS: If you weren't producing right now, what would you be doing?

FlipCyide: I'd probably be at some crappy job that I hate, living a life that I know wasn't for me. You know? Doing something that I don't love instead of doing something that I do love.

EPMS: Read any good books lately?

FlipCyide: Yea, the Midnight Hour. Its a great horror story. I love horror stories. This killer collects peoples heads. Its a great book.

EPMS: Chico's or Taco Bell?

FlipCyide: Gotta go with Chico's.

EPMS: Are you currently single?

FlipCyide: Hell yes! Cause I can't find a woman that can hold me down and catch my interest.

EPMS: You've referred to your MPC as your wife. Why is that?

FlipCyide: Because my MPC controls everything in my life in music. Music is my love, and my MPC gives me what I love and has been there through everything. So she's my wife. My MPC has made me the better man I am today.

EPMS: What are a few things you are looking forward to in the future?

FlipCyide: Umm, a gold album. Platinum would be nice, but I'm humble. I could die a happy man having a gold album on my wall.

EPMS: What and why do you think most of the venues in El Paso only do rock?

FlipCyide: Hahahah, damn, umm, because you know HipHop wise, everyone wants to be big in HipHop but they won't take that extra step so promoters get tired of it. Venue owners don't want to do with the complications. And I'll say it, rock shows more love and they seem to take it more serious than some HipHop heads.

EPMS: When you look back on when you started out with music, what do you think?

FlipCyide: I think that's when it actually had more heart and value and depth to it. Its funny, 'cause I can measure it to now, people don't take it as seriously as back then. They did it for the love back then, it was for the music. Now its just sound, noise, instant fame and money. Don't get me wrong, there are still people out there holding it down and keeping it real.

EPMS: Lets say HipHop never existed. What would you be listening to?

FlipCyide: Classical, rock and I'm sure jazz would have snuck in there somewhere too. Definitely Goth music.

EPMS: Lets say you are accepting a Grammy. What would your acceptance speech be?

FlipCyide: All I know is, my speech would be too long and they'd kick me off stage because I have too many names to name off.

EPMS: Just to say thanks to?

FlipCyide: Yea. I just actually think I have that many people in my corner. I don't forget anybody. Especially JarJar.

EPMS: Who is JarJar?

FlipCyide: My homegirl's cat. He's the coolest cat. He talks to me, he knows how to say FlipCyide, and he got me out of slumps. I love that cat.

EPMS: In your eyes, or should I say ears, which local HipHop artists do you think are the hottest?

FlipCyide: I know there is new people coming out everyday but I haven't heard them. Those I have heard my own crew, Addictz in the Lab, The Giantz, Nameless, Astro, InterStellar Dwellars, Semantics, Amoni, and SubConsuz.

EPMS: What do you think is the hottest venue in El Paso, for any kind of show?

FlipCyide: Damn, lets see, I don't know, I don't run promotions. I'd say any venue that backs up what they do and make things a little easier for whichever promoter is holding a show there.

EPMS: If you had one million dollars in your pocket right now, what would you do?

FlipCyide: Mmmm, damn, lets see, buy my own record company, second, help out my real, real close friends in need and donate a little bit to charity.

EPMS: Donuts or cheesecake?

FlipCyide: Oh damn. Donuts IN a cheesecake! Nah! Hahah cheesecake that's my favorite.

EPMS: If you could sit down every new artist just starting out, what would you tell them?

FlipCyide: Mmm, damn, I'd say, just be you, stick to what you like to do. Don't change no matter what someone tells you. Learn to be professional and do things in a professional manner. Be humble, it will get you further. NEVER burn your bridges. Never. And remember, nobody wants to work with an asshole.

EPMS: Do you have any albums coming out soon?

FlipCyide: Yea, a lot! First, my mix tape from Eye II Eye and Addictz in the Lab will be out by August. And then the Last Man Standing Special Edition and 24 Tabs Volume II, both from Eye II Eye Productions and United Nations from Addictz in the Lab coming out in September.

EPMS: Anything else you wanna say?

FlipCyide: Buy the CD's, dammit! Support your local artists. Come on El Paso, get into this. And I'm outie.


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