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4 Questions with Gary Black, Texas Boogiemen

EPMS: What's the story of the Texas Boogiemen?

Gary Black: It came about last year. It was a dream of Nasty Jack, whose real name is Tom Jones, believe it or not, who is a blues harmonica player. He and I had an idea of developing a boogie blues, hi-energy band for this area. We want to be a little different, like music you might hear in Austin or Houston. I've heard Duck Domino before, and Rod Yearwood is a great guitar player, but we're looking to play a little different kind of blues. I've heard different bands around town, and a lot to me is hard rock, and just noise. I have yet to see anyone where I'd say "Yeah, they rock."

We had a blast at La Viña, 2000 people there. Great women. We're trying to get a gig at Mugshots next month. We've been together about a year, gone through some personnel changes. Our first gig was at a Las Cruces bar called 'Hurricane Alley,' last April. In Anthony, we play in Nasty Jack's Wild Bunch Saloon. It is the furthest West Texas bar you can get. It's a stone's throw from New Mexico. It's owned by Nasty Jack. He was real hot about bringing in local music, decided he wanted to play, one day I said, "Let's put something together, see what happens."

We're going to be at Wet and Wild, Memorial Day, part of Blues Fest. do lot of bike runs.

EPMS: Who is the greatest band of all time?

Gary Black: Greatest would be, I want to say 'Beatles,' but the original Mothers of Invention.

EPMS: Let's say you have two choices, and after you make the choice, you'd forget that you made it. 1) You'll die in six hours making love to the sexiest woman on the planet, or 2) you'll die in a car wreck in a week. First, who is the sexiest woman on the planet?

Gary Black: Salma Hayek. She has ties in El Paso, a big house on the West side. I'd probably wreck my car anyhow from having such a hard-on.

EPMS: If I were to come up with an amount of money for which you would shave your head and paint your scalp blue, how much money would I have to offer you?

Gary Black: $69,699.

EPMS: Why?

Gary Black: Well, because that's a ridiculous number, and it would cost a lot of money to get me to do something that stupid.

EPMS Note: Our price is a hundred bucks - non-permanent paint.

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