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Interview with Jesus Reyes, Golden Rule Records - El Paso Music Scene

EPMS: How long have you been in the music industry?

Jesus Reyes: About 7 years. I used to rap, I still do but just for fun. Now, I run a label, manage, produce, master, we all wear many caps.

EPMS: What did you think about tonight's show?

Jesus Reyes: It could have had a better turn out. But it's Wednesday night, and we have Star Wars parties going on as well.

EPMS: How do you feel about the performers tonight?

Jesus Reyes: We had a great line up and Icon really got the crowd going.

EPMS: What are your future hopes for the music scene in El Paso?

Jesus Reyes: That El Paso gives out more support, buys merchandise and really supports local musicians and that the city gets turned onto new music.

EPMS: Any advice for upcoming musicians in El Paso trying to make their way?

Jesus Reyes: You need to take more time honing your skills and make sure your product is good. Freestyle as often as possible at open mic nights, house parties, with friends, everywhere. Get as much practice as possible. Be professional when you approach people for shows and promotions.

- Malice

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