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Four Questions with John Anderson, Captain Radio and the Flyers

Captain Radio and the Flyers, having made it through two previous rounds of the Rock n Roll Rumble, sponsored by The Bandit, 99.1 FM, will be facing off against Bruja in the showdown for some big prizes. I'm not sure, I think the winning band gets to have sex with Jennifer Garner. Anyhow, we caught up with John Anderson for a quick phone interview.

EPMS: What is the secret of Captain Radio's success at the Rumble?

John Anderson: Not taking ourselves too seriously, doing what we're good at.

EPMS: Who is your favorite dead musician?

John Anderson: Jimi Hendrix

EPMS: If you could be in any band, existing or not, for one day, what band would that be?

John Anderson: Any band with Eric Clapton, currently that's going to be Cream, I think.

EPMS: What kind of sandwiches do you prefer, plain peanut butter, plain jelly, or PBJ?

John Anderson: PBJ

EPMS: Thanks, John.

Go see Captain Radio battle Bruja at the Rumble! See The Bandit's site for details.

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