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Interview with Josh of Ripcor

Silver City's Ripcor will be playing the KLAQ Balloon Fest on Saturday, with Drowning Pool headlining. We caught up with their vocalist, Josh, by phone at an undisclosed location in the band's hometown of Silver City - I think he was on his way to the adult video store.

The Band:
Josh Burke - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Kenny Lopez - Lead guitar, Vocals
Bob "Legend" Rodriguez - Drums, Vocals
Sam "Samhain" Limon - Bass

EPMS: How old are you?

Josh: 28.

EPMS: How long has the band been together?

Josh: With me, two years. I joined two years ago. The band as a whole has been together for three-and-a-half years. I joined at the same time as Sam.

EPMS: How did you come up with the name of the band?

Josh: That, actually, Sam came up with, before I joined. He was trying to come up with a name that describes our music. It rips, it takes you to the core, basically, that's where that came from.

EPMS: Describe your music.

Josh: Old school metal mixed with hardcore-type metal. Very emotional; impactful. Just straight up, man.

EPMS: Would you take forty thousand bucks a year to sing disco?

Josh: Hell, no.

EPMS: Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?

Josh: I haven't checked it out yet, but I hear it's pretty cool.

EPMS: What is your favorite movie?

Josh: I'd have to say, Pink Floyd's The Wall.

EPMS: What do you watch on TV?

Josh: I don't really watch too much TV. It's trash.

EPMS: Who is the most crazy member of the band?

Josh: That depends on your definition.. I'd say our drummer is the most maniacal.

EPMS: Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?

Josh: No.

EPMS: Are you going to at the Balloon Fest?

Josh: If I get the opportunity, hell, yeah.

EPMS: Are you a risk-taker? Are you into extreme sports?

Josh: I've done a lot of rock climbing, I've done scuba diving, and mountain biking. I love the adrenaline rush. I've also done snowboarding, and rappelling.

EPMS: I've done a lot of repelling myself; repelling women at bars.

Josh: LOL. I would also like to do skydiving and parasailing.

EPMS: If the band were on a plane, and it crashed into a remote, snow-capped mountain in the Andes, who would be the most likely to survive?

Josh: That'd be me.

EPMS: Who would be the least likely?

Josh: Bob.

EPMS: Who would be the first to start eating the dead captain?

Josh: I'll go with Sam.

EPMS: Who in the band listens to really different music?

Josh: Probably me. I pull from lots of influences. Neal Young, Depeche Mode, also Tom Waits; he's an odd one I really like. I pull lots of different angles for influences.

EPMS: If you could be in any band, any era, for one day, which would it be?

Josh: Hmm. That would be a toss-up between Pink Floyd and The Doors.

EPMS: Have you heard the rumors that Jim Morrison is still alive?

Josh: No. LOL. I guess he's hanging out with Elvis.

EPMS: What is the best band of all time?

Josh: That's tough. Zeppelin, man, great band. Best band? I'm going with Zeppelin. They had great variety in their music; they influenced a lot of people.

EPMS: What is the best concert you've ever seen?

Josh: I'd have to say, Pantera, in El Paso, I think, 1997.

EPMS: What would surprise people about your band, if they knew it?

Josh: To tell the truth, we're very personable; we'll hang out with whoever. Three of us are managers at our jobs. We are highly professional people. We want to get out there, get it done.

EPMS: Who in the band eats the hottest chili peppers?

Josh: Bob, the drummer. He can handle the heat.

EPMS: What is Silver City like?

Josh: It's a very pretty little town. The town is pretty shitty, it has a depressed economy, but the people are pretty cool. There's nothing to do but jam. Great scenery.

EPMS: What percent of gigs do you play in the different cities, El Paso, Las Cruces, Silver City...?

Josh: 60% here in Silver City, 30% in El Paso, and about 10% in Las Cruces.

EPMS: What would you like to change in El Paso music?

Josh: Basically I think there needs to be more clubs to support bands. The clubs should have specials to bring in more people when they have a band. The clubs don't do promotion. We've had some pretty good shows; the fans are awesome. It's mostly thrash bands that we run into there. Our music is tight, and clean; we're out to bring metal back to where it used to be.

EPMS: Have you ever played Juarez?

Josh: I've played in Juarez, but we have not played Juarez. We'd be down if we could work it out. I have partied down there, many times, but it's been a long time.

EPMS: How far would you get on American Idol?

Josh: Hehe. I don't think I'd try out, man. LOL. I imagine I could do fine, but I ain't into that.

EPMS: What would you say if Ashlee Simpson hit on you in a bar?

Josh: Uh, good one. I'd be very flattered, but I'd probably tell her to go to hell.

EPMS: Is there anything else you want to tell your fans out there?

Josh: I'd like to say, we appreciate all the fans. Our music is at the forefront of being able to talk to the world. Our music tends to be revolutionary. Just live it up. No tomorrows. That's basically it. We want to make this a better place for all of us. People need to wake up. That's basically what we're trying to do.

EPMS: Thanks.

Josh: Sweet, man.

- Charles Hurley

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