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Ryan Rosoff on Little King's new record deal

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After Little King recently signed a new record deal with CenterLine Records, Ryan Rosoff agreed to a short e-mail interview about what it all means for the band's future.

by Charles Hurley

EPMS: Why was Virus Divine re-mastered? What was done that improved on the work of Terry Brown?

Ryan Rosoff: Centerline Records wanted the disc to be a little "hotter," (or louder, in layman's terms), to match up with the other material in its catalog. It was mastered with a sort of retro feel, just to keep with the vibe of the mixing and tracking. But to compete nationally at commercial radio, the label thought it would be better this way. I must say, after hearing the first couple songs remastered, it is going to sound a lot fatter and better. FYI, Terry mixed but did not master. That was done by his friend Peter J. Moore up in Toronto.

EPMS: Will Terry Brown do your upcoming album?

Ryan Rosoff: Yes, Terry will be at the helm for the entire project this time, although the financials and the time frame have yet to be finalized. It is sort of fluid at this point, as we are both extremely busy. But he is a good friend, and we have agreed in principal to have him produce and mix the new record.

EPMS: Give me an idea of the amount of financial support that Centerline is giving you. Not numbers, of course, but, for instance, on the equipment, are we talking extra strings and sticks, or a Marshall Stack plus new instruments for everybody?

Ryan Rosoff: We have a new PA, new amplifiers, and tour support (transportation, per diems, hotels, etc.) No one needs new guitars or drums, we all have the stuff we want already. We also have an agreed-upon amount of promo support money that will ensure a full radio campaign, publicity campaign (PRThatRocks.com - check out this guy's resume!), pressing, Electronic Press Kit, ad buys, etc. This label is throwing enough money behind us to compete on a regional, and hopefully national, basis. I am also quarterbacking the label's promotions, i.e. overseeing the hiring of subcontractors and monitoring the day-to-day progress of their efforts.

EPMS: You mentioned tour support. Is this a driver for the van? Sleeping in Comfort Inns every night?

Ryan Rosoff: Motel 6, all of us sharing in the driving!

EPMS: Are you going to be touring much more than in the past?

Ryan Rosoff: Yes, we go out for 3 weeks beginning October 18, should be on the road about 5 weeks out of every three months, or 20 weeks a year. All we want to do is tour. We are working on supporting a couple really big headliners that fit well with Little King's music, stay tuned for that. The three bands we are targeting are definitely names in the biz...

EPMS: To what extent do you tour Texas?

Ryan Rosoff: Starting the first week in November, we are going to focus a lot more on Texas. It will really be our main focus until March of 2006. I hope to have played all over the state at least twice by that time. The bulk of our distribution through IDN will be from California through Texas, so it just makes sense to tour here and support our distro.

EPMS: What's the story on the new band member?

Ryan Rosoff: Our former drummer, Wes Kahalekulu, has left us. We wish him well, but he needed to take care of some family business that absolutely took priority, and we totally understand that. At the same time, this is what we do for a living, and the train needs to keep rolling. Our new drummer is Scott Marestein, who has played with El Camino, Jezebel's Eden, The Texicans, and a few others. He actually played with Little King off and on from 1999-2001, and he, Shannon, and I have been playing together for 10 years. We played in Tweed Quickly way back in 1995, and we have played a few shows locally this year under the name The Magnificent Bastard. He sings and plays drums beautifully, and our chemistry is immediate and obvious. In fact, there is not another drummer we would have wanted to continue with. But we have all been great friends for a long time, and this is just such a natural fit. Scott is the consummate professional, and including the Tweed Quickly songs and the material we have all played from the first two Little King CD's, we have about 2 1/2 hours of original music.

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