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Marc Sauceda 5 Questions

Marc Sauceda plays guitar for Archer Avenue. He had previously played with Javier Herrera.

EPMS: What's new with Archer Avenue?

Marc Sauceda: Everything. We formed in January of 2004, and all of us live in different cities, so we only see each other to play. We're going to Burbank to record our next CD with Pete Anderson producing, in June.

EPMS: If you had to fight Arnold, Stallone, or Chuck Norris, who would you fight, and why?

Marc Sauceda: Probably Chuck Norris. I love him, I'd like to say 'I hit you because I love you.'

EPMS: If you had to rename the band, what would you call it?

Marc Sauceda: Morning Wood and Early Risers.

EPMS: If you had to change instruments, which would you choose?

Marc Sauceda: Drums.

EPMS: You have a hottie in the car, she insists you use a condom, there's only one store open, and you don't have enough money. Do you 1) steal them, 2) beg the merchant, or give up?

Marc Sauceda: I'd give up or ask her for the money.

- Charles Hurley

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