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Med-X interview

Med-X comprises four young musicians, barely out of high school. They are playing at major venues, such as Surges, Hineys, and the Warehouze, and appeared on The Amp Show, a local cable access music show, the same day we interviewed them. While talking to them, one never forgets how young they are. Still, they seem to have a better handle on promotion than many bands that have been around much longer.

Of this gig, to take place in front of Andre's Pizza, in East El Paso, AJ had previously told me, "It's some christian punk show, don't ask haha. It's free and in the parking lot from what I understand".

The first two questions were conducted via e-mail, after interviewing them in person.

EPMS: Where did the name, 'Med-X' come from?

AJ: The name Med-X came from our ex-bassist and old guitarist. It stands for Medical Experiments. Kinda dumb but it's kinda too late to change it, haha.

EPMS: Med-X has played a number of real gigs. Why are you playing out in the parking lot of a pizza place, without a full setup?

AJ: They asked us if we wanted to play that show and we just said okay cause any exposure is good exposure. We've played with some of our favorite bands in the past and it's fun, but nothing compares to a DIY local show. Those are the best. We aren't Christian AT ALL, but I know a lot of those guys and they're pretty cool. Even though we weren't all mic'd up it was fun.

EPMS: I'm recording you on The Amp Show right now; I didn't get a chance to see it before coming out here.

AJ: Man, was that on tonight? Well, it was mostly an interview we did in the bathroom at Surge's.

EPMS: How long has Med-X been together?

AJ: Like two years. The only original member is the drummer.

EPMS: How long have you been playing your instrument?

AJ: Five years. But I still suck (lol).

Count: Singing? Like 11 months. Originally, I never wanted to be a singer.

EPMS: Where have you played in El Paso?

Danny: Moontime Pizza, Surges, Hineys, The Warehouze, T Lounge, Halftime Sports Bar.

AJ: We were like one of the few bands ever to play there, because they said that shows weren't making them money.

EPMS: Who are your favorite dead musicians?

AJ: Kurt Cobain, Rozz Williams (of Christian Death).

Count: GG Allin.

EPMS Note: I looked him up - that guy was NASTY!

Danny: Darby Crash (of the Germs).

Benny: Darby Crash.

EPMS: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

AJ: Ghostbusters.

Count: Rocko's Modern Life.

EPMS: How about now?

AJ: Family Guy.

Count: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

EPMS: Who are the best bands in El Paso?

AJ: D.E.K., The Losers, Enemy 13, Underclass Society.

Count: D.E.K. is changing their name... they were called the Dead End Kids, but it was already taken.

EPMS: Who will be the next band to make it in El Paso, besides Med-X?

AJ: (lol) I wouldn't say we'll be the next to make it. I'm about to turn 19, and never had a real job in my life.

EPMS: Where do you want to be one year from now?

Danny: Hopefully touring.

EPMS: Influences?

Danny: Subhumans, Filth, Sublime, Germs, Adolescents, DI.

AJ: Nine Inch Nails, Christian Death, Misfits, 45 Grave, DI, Koffin Kats, Cinema Strange.

Count: Rancid, Dead Kennedys, Adicts, New York Dolls, Primus, The Exploited.

Danny: He's naming all the bands I couldn't think of.

Benny: Nineteen, The Germs, Uzi Suicide, The Unseen.

At this point, the band had to leave to finish setting up their equipment for their set outside Andre's Pizza in East El Paso.

- Charles Hurley

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