El Paso Music Scene

Michael Santoscoy Interview

April 16, 2015

I asked Michael Santoscoy of Formal Intent what's up with the band; they were recently signed.

Michael Santoscoy: Just recording for now really motivated and excited for what's coming; got a couple tours planned in the future, so we'll see mate!

EPMS: How many CDs does this make?

Michael Santoscoy: First debut album.

EPMS: What tours do you have planned?

Michael Santoscoy: In-state for the first to see where we pop off being that Texas has a huge variety out of El Paso, and depending on the outcome, we'll plan the second one on the east or west coast.

EPMS: Who, what studio is doing your recording?

Michael Santoscoy: Dynamic Media. It's also our signing label.

EPMS: Recorded in El Paso?

Michael Santoscoy: Yes we're recording here in EP.

EPMS: Does Dynamic Media have a studio here?

Michael Santoscoy: Yes they do, and quite a prestigious one, too, located off Cotton.

EPMS: How much time remains on your military commitment?

Michael Santoscoy: 6 years, I get out next month on May 8th to be exact.

EPMS: Much thanks for your service, brother.

Michael Santoscoy: Hahaha, no worries mate. I joined because I wanted to serve; you owe me no thanks.

EPMS: If you say so. Live long and Prosper.

Michael Santoscoy: You as well mate! God bless.