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Five Questions with Mike Saucedo of Redeye Factor

EPMS: What's up with Redeye Factor?

Mike Saucedo: We started out as just three of us... we opened for other bands, and took every gig we could. We had several lineup changes, but now we're back to the original three members. We're playing Thursday at Bombardier's with Abinormal, plus at the Balloon Festival with Dishwalla. We're writing a five-song EP, part in Spanish. Some people with labels are interested in us for the Spanish market.

EPMS: What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you when playing?

Mike Saucedo: Let's see... one time, on South Padre Island, we were on the same bill as Puddle of Mudd, and the Texas Bikini Team was there. We heard through the grapevine that one of them was being pursued big-time by the Puddle of Mudd's singer, Wes. The girls kept hanging around our sets, and we found out that she was rejecting his advances because she was interested in Julio, our drummer. We thought it was crazy, but at that point we understood why we kept seeing these girls. He's a zillionaire (Wes), but she was interested in Julio.

EPMS: How did Julio do?

Mike Saucedo: Umm, that's classified. No, he did pretty well. I was proud of him.

EPMS: If the world had to lose one form of music, which would it be?

Mike Saucedo: I think, to be honest, bubble gum punk. I can even understand pop, but I don't get bubble gum punk.

EPMS: Atomic Pink is playing right now on Q Connected. Is that what you mean?

Mike Saucedo: Yeah, I really don't want to go there. Maybe it's my old age talking.

EPMS: Words to live by:

Mike Saucedo: Be honest with yourself and others.

EPMS: If you won a million dollars in pennies, and the building suddenly became engulfed in a fierce fire, how hard would you fight for the money?

Mike Saucedo: You could do a lot of things with a million bucks. I do know the stop, drop, and roll theory, (we'll get video of Mike performing this as soon as possible) so I'd fight pretty hard.

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