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Myth Interview

Myth will be performing Friday, May 27th at Casa Verde, 1610 Sioux St. at the Own The Mic Hip-Hop Freestyle Battle.

EPMS: How long have you been rapping?

Myth: I've been rapping for about three years, going on to four.

EPMS: Who do you look up to?

Myth: Some of my favorite artists have to be Nas, Jin, and Kenn Starr. They all got that underground feel..

EPMS: What do you hope for the music scene here in El Paso?

Myth: I hope that the music scene gets a bigger slice of the pie. I mean, El Paso isn't well-known for hip-hop artist, Hopefully we can change that though.

EPMS: How old are you?

Myth: I'm eighteen years old, haha, yes, ladies, I'm legal!!

EPMS: What is the hardest thing you have encountered so far as a musician?

Myth: The hardest thing I've encountered as a musician probably has to be staying focused. The fact that I'm still in school and doing this music thing, it's hard to balance the two at the same time. I got to stay focused at all times.

EPMS: Who are your influences and inspirations?

Myth: Jin. Not because he's Asian too, but because the fact that he gots every aspect of the game controlled. From the battles, freestyles to the written tracks that people just vibe to.

EPMS: Do you want to become mainstream, or do you want to stay underground?

Myth: If I were to get signed to a major mainstream label, I'd keep my vibes underground such as Nas.

EPMS: Have you ever just felt it was all too much and wanted to give it up?

Myth: Yeah, at times. Plus, the fact that I'm Asian doesn't help; trying to live up pass what people expect from me kinda gets tiring.

EPMS: Where did the name Flip Script Entertainment come from?

Myth: Flip Script Entertainment.. I used to battle back in the day and everytime I'd "flip the script", that's where it came from.

EPMS: In your opinion, who do you think is the best artist in El Paso so far?

Myth: Honestly, I'm feeling a couple of local heads, like the Giantz, Stage Fright, Metafisix, and Anadote so it's hard to choose.. but be on the look-out for those guys

EPMS: Do you ever try to get a message across in your music?

Myth: Majority of my tracks have a message behind it, so, yeah, I try to get a message across..

EPMS: Do you find writing your music to be therapeutic?

Myth: Most deff, I don't know what I'd do without it. I either put it in a song format, or just write to get the things off my chest..

EPMS: Do you prefer performing solo, or with other people?

Myth: I prefer performing with other people because it builds the hype and gets people bobbin' their heads..

EPMS: As far as rap goes, who was more influential, Tupac or Biggie?

Myth: Regardless, both are dope as hell. If I had to choose, then.. I'd say Tupac. He's a legend..

EPMS: Who is your favorite musician of all time (doesn't have to be just rap) ?

Myth: I'm really feelin' KC & JoJo...

EPMS: What advice do you give to anyone just starting out in music?

Myth: Just do you!! Don't change who you are 'cause the other rappers do it, just do you and people will feel what you put out.

EPMS: Anyone you would like to thank?

Myth: Of course.. My parents, Metafisix, Anadote, DJ Deck, Stage Fright, TK, bLand Poe, Universal, Brian & Cassi Lawson, Wendy, and of course all the people that supported my music 'cause I wouldn't be who I am today without, and of you guys.. much respect.

EPMS: Chico's Tacos or Taco Bell?

Myth: Hahaha.. I know ya'll gonna hate me, Taco Bell...

EPMS: If you were given the choice, whose life would rather have, Homer Simpson's, George Jetson's, Fred Flintstone's, or Peter Griffin's from Family Guy?

Myth: That's a great question, I'd go with George Jetson, cause of the futuristic stuff.. haha

EPMS: Has a movie ever scared you?

Myth: Haha yeah... let's not speak upon this issue..

EPMS: Cats or dogs?

Myth: Dogs...

EPMS: If you won the lotto, what would be the first thing you'd do?

Myth: I don't even know, probably put some of that money into my car..

EPMS: Do you miss anything about childhood?

Myth: The fact that I used to get away with everything.. now I don't..

EPMS: How would you best describe your music?

Myth: Original..

EPMS: Do you do anything besides music? I.e. sports, cooking, sewing, juggling...

Myth: I used to play football, starting outside linebacker, starting punt team, starting punt return team, starting kick off team and back up QB..

EPMS: What is one talent you don't have that you wish you did?

Myth: I wish I could actually sing.. ha.. some Mario W.-type feel..

EPMS: Can you juggle?

Myth: haha Nah... that would be dope though.

EPMS: If you weren't rapping, what would you be doing?

Myth: Probably just being a bum around the house and have a job to where I don't have to do much... haha

EPMS: In your song, Fall Back who are you talking to and what exactly are you trying to say?

Myth: The track is to no one in specific, but the idea of the song is that people always in our face about when our album going to drop and so forth, it'll come so FALL BACK!! It's the anthem now.. get used to it.

EPMS: An artist who recently visited El Paso said his advice to upcoming musicians was "Back up. We aren't going to let you in, this is ours." What do you say in reply to that?

Myth: Whoever said that, call them a liar.. because there is a bunch of local heads coming up. Don't believe me? Keep an eye open..

EPMS: Does that comment make you want to do more and strive harder to accomplish your goals?

Myth: That comment don't even faze me, plus I give my 110% all the time.. Know that.

EPMS: Anything else you want to say?

Myth: Yeah, thanks for this exclusive interview. Be on the lookout for my upcoming LP titled "Non-Fiction," around 18 tracks, with DVD features. Be sure to check out www.flip-script.com for updates and all that about me and the rest of Flip Script Entertainment. Hollaaa!!


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