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Obeisance Interview

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By Charles Hurley


EPMS: How long have you been playing death metal?

Fah-Q Since '92, but we're more black thrash than death metal. Basically, the band has existed since 1992.

Megiddo Blood Glutton In different incarnations. He (Fah-Q) stays on task.

Fah-Q Unfortunately, there have been different lineups, something that can't be helped; people want to do other things.

Megiddo Blood Glutton Usually, the founding member, Fah-Q in this case, is the one who sticks through everything.

We've had the current lineup since 2003.

EPMS: Bowels Out is death metal, right? What's the different between death metal and black thrash?

Megiddo Blood Glutton A different genre denotes different subject matter.

Fah-Q Bowels Out is totally different from us. They have a completely different audience.

EPMS: Why have an album entitled, Lucifer Master? A lot of people will think y'all are devil worshipers.

Fah-Q Jesus said, "The lord of this world is Lucifer, the devil who was later named Lucifer." So, that album deals with all sorts of things that happened in Lucifer's kingdom.

Megiddo Blood Glutton As I've grown older, and I've come to have a frame of mind to explore on my own, I've learned, it's not good, I don't think, to be a blind follower of anything.

It's amazing how many uneducated christians there are in the world. Few know, for instance that the sabbath was originally on Saturday, until Constantine, because of the Egyptian sun god, declared it to be Sunday.

Megiddo Blood Glutton Do you know who was born December 25? The Egyptian God.

Evil Onit Sunday is for football; it should be called, 'Football Day.'

Megiddo Blood Glutton You begin to find out information that puts genuine doubt about Christianity... Jesus might not have been celibate... my dad, who is very religious, he says it doesn't matter, you just have to have faith.

Evil Onit Blind faith, like it says in the Catholic religion.

Megiddo Blood Glutton The Roman Catholic church is one of the most corrupt in existence.

Evil Onit One thing; when Jesus saw his shadow when he came out of the tomb...

Megiddo Blood Glutton No, that was Groundhog Day.

Evil Onit Oh, yeah, that's right...

Megiddo Blood Glutton Look what they did to the Aztecs in the name of Christianity.

Evil Onit They exterminated them.

Fah-Q Also Islam. Look at 9/11.

Then you go back to, does God even exist? The Koran's just a fucking book. That's all it is, just like the Bible.

Megiddo Blood Glutton All the way from King James, to Constantine, to further their agendas. We have a song called 'Slaughter the Holy Cities.'

Fah-Q Eventually, what's going on in Iraq, the Shiites will kill the Sunnis, all in the name of Allah.

Megiddo Blood Glutton I'm very patriotic. I love what this country stands for. It has problems, but we're very proud of it. My mom always told me, "Why can't you write lyrics that are more positive?" She doesn't like my tattoos, or the subject matter of our songs. I'm not glorifying it, just writing about it.

Humanity likes to see and do things, but doesn't like to admit it.

Fah-Q When I was a kid, I use to like to spray ants. I guess that's like chemical war.

Megiddo Blood Glutton Less than 1% of death metal/black thrash, are really evil or satanic. I'm sure "Christian" bands are not as pious as they claim.

EPMS: What is the difference between black thrash and death metal?

Megiddo Blood Glutton Basically, with death metal, the guitar is usually tuned lower. In black thrash, it's tuned higher. The drum beats in both are fast, but different in sounds. Black Thrash has more influences from traditional metal, Death Metal is more modern. There are staple drum beats that each type has.

Evil Onit The lyrical content is different.

Megiddo Blood Glutton Death metal is usually bland, non-denominational. The majority are just straight ahead, real life violence, muggings, murder, rape, suicide.

Fah-Q Black metal is more about Satan and Lucifer.

Megiddo Blood Glutton The dark side of life... but more sorcery, fantasy... more theological subject matter. A lot of black thrash bands venture way more into the pagan route. In other words, Norwegian bands extol viking heritage, etc., trampled by Christianity. In 2005, people are still scared of shit like this. Come on.

Fah-Q I got stopped at the bridge, I couldn't bring some CDs back, because they (U. S. Customs) said they were satanic. I told him to show me the law. He spent on hour looking for it, and couldn't find it, so they let me go.

EPMS: From where did you get the name of the band?

Fah-Q From another band called Bathory, whom all us really admire. Their song, 'Nocturnal Obeisance.' To bow before is the meaning of Obeisance.

Megiddo Blood Glutton It's a type of bow.

EPMS: KLAQ announces your shows?

Fah-Q Yeah, on Cruising the Clubs, but they can't pronounce the name.

Fah-Q We recorded a new album in February, but the mixing guy took forever.

EPMS: Describe your vocals:

Megiddo Blood Glutton Barbaric and warlike.

EPMS: What do you think about the El Paso scene?

Fah-Q People in El Paso are too cool to headbang, too cool for school.

Megiddo Blood Glutton I've caught people that talk shit about us, but then, other people tell us those other people really like us. Here, people don't like to give props.

Evil Onit I find it a tremendous shame, that the crowd's attitude is as lame as it is, and you can cross a ten-yard border to Juarez, and the crowds go ape-shit.

Fah-Q You should come with us to Juarez. He's right. How fucked up is it that seven hundred show up for King Diamond, but for a local show, only twenty or thirty.

Evil Onit I graduated in 1983. I saw friends at King Diamond's show I haven't seen since high school. They don't come out for shows.

Megiddo Blood Glutton I detest people saying, "Support your scene."

Fah-Q Nobody really does. People expect you to come to their shows, but they don't come to our shows.

Megiddo Blood Glutton We used to play the Rainbow Lounge. We had great crowds, she paid us according to that, she was great.

We've played at Club 101/E9 five times, every time, there were at least three or four hundred people, and Joe Dorgan, the most he ever paid us was two six-packs. It just amazes me.

Fah-Q His bouncers were on a power trip. Bands need to flyer for themselves.

Megiddo Blood Glutton Marina's awesome. We've been on her radio show a couple of times. She's one of the people that actually does more than just talk about it.

Evil Onit Marina's great. Marina is the first to admit that death metal is not her forte, but she bends over backward to help in any way.

Megiddo Blood Glutton She's a sweet gal. Savvy. She knows what she's trying to do , she's going for it.

We're trying to expose ppl to the true ugliness of humanity through our music, through the ages.

Fah-Q The name of our new CD is Unholy, Unwholesome, and Evil. Hopefully it will be out by August. The guy mixing it is taking too long.

EPMS: How many CDs do you have out?

Megiddo Blood Glutton We have demos, releases.

Fah-Q Two were never released, but we're going to release them. "Hell Bent on Slaughter" is unreleased. "Infierno Eternal" is unreleased. Lucifer Master was released in 2003.

Fah-Q We were arrested at Concordia two weeks ago, June 4, at 2 AM, while taking promo pictures for new CDs.

EPMS: How is it to play in Mexico?

Fah-Q The crowds go wild. They really get into the band unless you suck ass.

Megiddo Blood Glutton You have to really suck ass.

Fah-Q They're hungrier. Some black metal bands are national-socialist. We're not either, not communists, we don't believe any of that garbage. Super Live Aid, whatever it's called, they all can fuck themselves. All those countries, their government's quasi-socialistic, they keep their people poor. It's up to each person to get themselves out of poverty, not celebrity assholes.

Megiddo Blood Glutton I have a Burmese python.

Fah-Q We like to watch it eat rabbits.

Megiddo Blood Glutton Onit is the premiere metal connoisseur. He knows stats, years released...

Evil Onit We get drunk, listen to metal, talk about it for hours.

Megiddo Blood Glutton The best thing about this lineup is, we're all on the same page, we're all in it for the same reason.

Fah-Q We have hopefully some Puerto Rican shows coming up. We've played Chicago, Milwaukee, we've toured Mexico, including Tijuana, but I like El Paso.

Megiddo Blood Glutton We want to give thanks to those who have gone to see us. Those that haven't, fuck off and die.

Fah-Q If people can't respect our accomplishments, fuck them. They like us in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Tijuana.

I try to dissuade little kids that talk about Satan.

Evil Onit The dark arts is nothing to play around with.

Fah-Q People think it's good for a chuckle, but they don't know what they're getting into.

Megiddo Blood Glutton We were all born in October, the month of Halloween.

EPMS: Who is the best drummer in El Paso?

Evil Onit Megiddo-blood-glutton, second, The Engine (Reign of Terror)

EPMS: Who is the best guitar player in El Paso?

Evil Onit Chris Montoya, Tony Alarcon.

EPMS: Best bass player?

Fah-Q C. J. Holguin; he used to be in Reign of Terror.

Megiddo Blood Glutton Reign of terror is another of my bands. Also Pyre. We're on Black Blood Productions of Milan, Italy. We have a new CD, we're going to play it live soon.

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