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Pigflesh Interview

We interviewed Adrian and Tury of Pigflesh in Handle Bars Sunday night. Tury was talking about a web site he does that features metal bands.

EPMS: Tell us about your web site, Tury:

Tury: hellpasometal.cjb.net. I should start working on it now that school is out. Any bands that are interested in having their banner on that site, e-mail me at the address on the site. That site's been up, like, three months.

Adrian: Three months.

Tury: In less than one hour I had it up, but I'm busy with school... I'm gonna have more bands up this week, like Fueled II Fire and Yoda's Eye. I'm not discriminating.

EPMS: What are your ages?

Tury: 72.

Adrian: Backwards.

Tury: 27.

Adrian: I'm 24. Our drummer, Ruben, is 24 also. Our lead guitar player, Joe, is 23; Aaron, who sings and is the baby of the band, is 20.

EPMS: Your brother?

Adrian: Yes.

EPMS: Describe your music:

Adrian: Death metal, thats how...

Tury:: Heavy shit, drink your beer, get crazy.

Adrian: A lot of the band's music, at least my part, is european death metal bands. That's what we wanna do. I think American-style death metal comes off as redundant. So many bands play that style.... European death metal has a lot of melody, a lot of color, not just blasting all the time. It's heavy, but they have a lot of melodies and color in them as well.

EPMS: (to Tury) Is that it?

Tury: I just play bass.

EPMS: I always say, you don't notice the bass unless it's out of tune or the bass player's incompetent.

Tury: Well, that's actually true. I'm very uncomfortable on stage. I shy away from the crowd; I stand behind the drummer...

Adrian: He's lying. He's probably the most noticeable member of the band on-stage.

Tury: No...

Adrian: Yes, your hair's flapping all over.

Tury: I just get into it. Yeah, bass players out of tune are very noticeable. Maybe I should play out of tune.

Adrian: Our music is so bass-heavy... he comes off as a monster on stage. That's what we're looking for, a bass-heavy sound. He's the driving force behind the band.

Tury: (to Adrian) That's the most positive thing I've heard from you. I was about to quit...

Adrian: Then I just bought us some time... We're going into the studio soon. April 22 will probably be our last show until we get out of the studio.

Tury: Sometimes we suck when we play live.

Adrian: We haven't sucked in a while.

Tury: A major problem is, we can't hear ourselves.

Adrian: A lot of people, they really talk a lot of smack about Surges, but I think it's one of the better venues for sound in El Paso.

Tury: Surge is trying to run a bar, do sound at the same time. He should have a separate guy for sound.

Adrian: I don't think people give him enough credit. He's always trying to improve his skills.

Tury: (to Surge, if he's reading this) Hey, Surge, can we get some free beers out of this?

Adrian: Surges has a lot of people bad-mouth it, because it's not the prettiest place.

Tury: They want bathrooms that wipe their asses for them.

Adrian: People complain because you can't eat off the floor, but, there's no other place in town that lets you keep the door completely, where the owner goes into his own pocket to see that bands get more money than they should. But they'll complain because the place isn't pretty and if you go anywhere else, they want money for the PA, they keep the door money, when at Surges, the PA is paid for, not your pocket and you keep the door money. So, anybody that wants to badmouth Surges can go fuck themselves.

EPMS: Do y'all know Med-x? I interviewed them a little while back.

Adrian: Nathan, known in the band as Count, I work with him.

EPMS: Some people on the forum at fishhookrecords.com (this means you, Barney Greenway) are really down on music that isn't extreme. What do y'all have to say about that?

Tury: There's only two types of music: there's good shit, and bad. I know, there's country, latino music, etc., but every genre has good music and bad music. Of course, you're gonna have different kinds of music. I don't think anybody should say a band sucks because of its genre.

EPMS: If you could only have one recreational substance to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tury: Is pussy a substance?


Tury: I'd say, even though I don't do it anymore, marijuana.

Adrian: I'd have to stick with alcohol. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a borderline, fall-down drunk. Just beer.

EPMS: Do y'all every go to Juarez?

Tury: We go for the prostitutes. JK.

Adrian: He (Tury)'s been in other bands that played violent shows there... But Juarez is absolutely awesome for music.

Tury: They're dying for metal bands, any kind of bands... Shows sell out down there, whereas here, it depends.

Adrian: It's hit or miss.

Tury: Even for an unknown band, people come out in droves.

Adrian: I saw a death metal band called Incantation that Tury opened for with a previous band, and it got so crazy that they carried somebody out that got trampled.

Tury: Yeah.

Adrian: The scene in Juarez has my utmost respect. I'd like to play there more, if anybody's reading this, wink, wink.

Tury: Not in the summer.

(Scorpions song comes over the juke box)

Adrian: (to me) Do you like the Scorpions?

EPMS: Yeah, I saw them at the Texas Jam in 1985, in Dallas, when Deep Purple re-formed. I'm a huge Ritchie Blackmore fan.

Adrian: I was reading a Ronnie James Dio interview, he said when Blackmore was soloing, everybody'd go backstage and party.

EPMS: If you could be in one band, existing or not, for one day, which would it be?

Adrian: Dismember.

Tury: (to Adrian) You know my answer.

Adrian: No, I don't.

Tury: Amber Asylum.

Adrian: (to Tury) If you were in Amber Asylum, would you give me free tickets?

Tury: Yes.

Adrian: (to Tury) Liar! Tury is the grandfather of the band.

Tury: I don't listen to metal that much.

Adrian: It's like a funeral in his room. I would feel depressed if I listened to his music.

Tury: I like classical, atmospheric music. Once in a blue moon, I listen to metal.

Adrian: He listens regularly, but...

Tury: My preference is atmospheric, classical music. Call me an oldie. Amber Asylum, Neil Brouwer. Joaquin Rodrigo. It's bad ass shit. Good stuff, what can I say.

Adrian: I listen primarily to a lot of Swedish death metal; At the Gates, In Flames, Hipocrisy, and if not metal, I guess...

Tury: Voices in your head.

Adrian: Some times.

Tury: They're telling you you're gay... LOL. Follow your voices.

Adrian: If I'm not listening to death metal, I listen to Radiohead, The Cure, Depeche Mode. I guess I like mopier, depressive music. Tool, I listen to. The majority is crushing european death metal. They can keep American death metal.

(A Journey song comes over the jukebox)

Tury: I like Journey.

Adrian: Steve Perry can sing.

EPMS: What will be the next El Paso band to make it?

Adrian: Bowels Out, because, they just got signed to a Canadian label. They are the hardest-working band in El Paso. They've thrown away jobs, other things, for their music. There are only two or three bands in death metal that make a living at it. There are no girls in death metal.

Tury: Yeah, there is.

Adrian: For you! For the majority, there is no money, and no girls. Just because they're (Bowels Out is) so hard-working. They're fucking awesome, they're gonna do something with it. (To J. Twisted of Bowels Out, not present) Juan, I'm not kissing your ass!

Tury: Of any genre? One band I like, Inex Truence. They were really good, but maybe they're not still playing. Like Adrian said, Bowels Out. You have to have that work ethic. That's about it. I just stay home, and listen to sad music. I cry myself to sleep, with teddy bears in the corner.

Adrian: Inex Truence is broken up. If they had stayed together, they would've done a lot. They were a real solid band.

Tury: The Fold. I told them, "Why don't you play shows", but they don't want to.

Adrian: I'm a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson. The guy introduced LSD to the Hell's Angels. One thing sticks out in my mind from his book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, he was one of God's failed prototypes. When he died, I kind of felt bad, but he really is one of God's prototypes. He went out on a big joke. He tried to make the world see, you don't have to live life like everybody else. Everybody lives according to a set pattern. Thompson gave us gonzo journalism.

Tury: I admire Arthur Miller more because he boned Marilyn Monroe.

EPMS: : What places do you play?

Adrian:: Surges, Surges, Surges. We'd like to play other places, but... We would like to play The Warehouze, the HORR bar. We've played Bombardier's, Rods and Wheels, Jokers, Blue Moon twice. Banana Jo's once... There are not enough places for the extreme side of metal.

Tury: It's all noise, any way. That's my old age talking.

Adrian: I guess, more commercial bands can play anywhere.

EPMS: : Did you ever play the Peanut Gallery?

Adrian: We played there twice.

Tury: No, we didn't.

Adrian: (to Tury) Remember, Junior on the riser? The first time we played there we sucked ass. That was a cool bar. I'd like to play the T Lounge, but they don't wanna take business from Surge's.

Tury: (to Adrian) You have to try it, maybe they'd let us.

EPMS: Are there many fights at your shows?

Adrian: No. people are well-behaved at our shows, which is kind of weird, because a lot of bands don't wanna book us because there is supposed to be a lot of violence with our kind of music, but I've seen more fights at tejano bars.

Tury: There's a place on Montana by Bassett Center. They have good chick fights.

EPMS: (after several guesses) The Brass Asp?

Tury: Yeah.

(I mentioned taking a guitar I had just bought from Benny's, across the street, into the Bay Lounge, and then Twinz)

Adrian: I don't take my guitar anywhere. I spent $600 on it, I'm not taking it anywhere... This is our first interview.

Tury: No it's not. I got interviewed in High School.

EPMS: About what?

Tury: I don't remember.

EPMS: What is your favorite 70s band?

Tury: ELO. JK. Who did Pinball Wizard?

EPMS: Elton John.

Tury: JK about ELO. Seriously, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath.

Adrian: AC/DC. Blue Cheer, who was before Sabbath.

Tury: Pink Floyd came out then. Fleetwood Mac. I'd bone Stevie Nicks.

Adrian: Led Zeppelin.

Tury: We'd be cursed for forgetting this.

Adrian: (to Tury, about Handle Bars) Your brother came here.

Tury: Did he?

Adrian: Yeah, remember he was looking at the motorcycles. He came to see Iron Maiden, then went back to Mexico.

Tury: He had to work the next morning. My whole family lives in Mexico. He introduced me to older bands like Saxon. Clubs here are missing pyrotechnics.

EPMS: Or they could have people hanging from the ceiling by wires, like in Van Halen.

Tury: (to Adrian) You and Ruben would break the cables.

EPMS: (to Adrian) How many times a year do you hear, "Yo, Adrian!"

Adrian: Too many times to count. Well, several times.

Tury: Thanks for bringing it up, Charles.

Adrian: Now I'm gonna hear it for months in practice.

Tury: I'd like to be interviewed by The Grimoire of Exalted Beads.

Adrian: That's a small metal magazine. Worldwide, underground. Their motto: written by assholes, for assholes.

EPMS: (to Tury) Do you feel gay when playing the bass?

Adrian: Sometimes when he plays, he sounds so gay, we have to stop playing and have sex with each other.

EPMS: Do y'all ever have sex with farm animals?

Adrian: I've seen sex with farm animals a lot on the internet, and at Tury's house.

EPMS: What do y'all think of Michael Jackson's sex life?

Adrian: His favorite university is Bring 'em Young.

Tury: Have you seen that T-shirt? It says, instead of "Get milk," it has a picture of Michael Jackson, it says, "Got kids?" I don't think he's part of this world.

EPMS: Who would you take, between Barbara Eden, Suzanne Somers, or Christina Applegate?

Tury: Suzanne Somers looks like a screamer.

Adrian: Suzanne Somers, definitely. I like Suzanne Somers, even now. Now that older, MILF, all the way (mom I'd like to fuck).

Tury: Tell them "milf.com."

EPMS: What is the wildest cartoon?

Adrian: Space Invaders Zim. It was made by a guy (on Nickelodeon); he made a comic called "To hump the Homicidal Maniac. The comic book was absolutely dark, they unleashed this guy on nick, and if you watch it, its entertaining to kids but, if you're an adult, you get the dark humor. It sub-consciously fucks up little kids.

Tury: Sponge Bob, because, I have Sponge Bob stickers on my bass case. A fucked-up Cat in the Hat cartoon would be good.

EPMS: What other stickers do you have on your bass case?

Tury: Tony Tiger, the Cat in the Hat, Little Mermaid. I also have bad stickers, just to look cool.

Adrian: To pretend.

Adrian: We just came back from...

Tury: A weekend vacation.

Adrian: A mini-tour. The whole trip, Tury was carsick. He pretended to sleep so he would not have to drive. We played to 5 people in Phoenix. We'd spend $10 on 30-pack of beer, with half the alcoholic content of El Paso beer. The beer was the highlight of the tour. We played in place in Phoenix called Metal Devastation, run by pre-teen girls that didn't know what they were doing.

Tury: Tucson was great.

Adrian: We sold a lot of CDs. We gave away shots to get people to buy our stuff.

EPMS: Where do y'all go to school?

Tury: El Paso Community College.

Adrian: Metro.

EPMS: studying what?

Tury:: Music, all the way. I think, some math, social studies.

EPMS: : what are you going to do with that?

Tury:: Teaching. I work at recreation centers around town.

Adrian: Radiology. I have a 3.3 GPA.

EPMS: Thanks a lot, guys. Just a reminder: Pigflesh will be at Surges on April 22.

EPMS note: My spies have discovered that Tury and Joey of Pigflesh also play in Inhumane Goratorium. I'm not sure, but I think this is a Journey cover band.

- Charles Hurley

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