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Restricted Interview

This is not a typical interview. I had sent a questionnaire to Restricted via their web site, www.restrictedmetal.com. They responded with very good, lengthy answers. Since this is such good stuff, I'm going with this, and will follow up with them in 2-3 weeks. If any of you have any questions for Restricted, I will pass them on to them. BTW, I am not sure which of the three Restricted members is responding, but it must be either Anthony or Yvette. Whoever it is is very well-spoken.

EPMS: Hey, guys! can you answer a few questions for us? blah, blah, blah.

Restricted: No problem, we are all in this local scene together, so we do our part.

EPMS: "your 3-4 best/most popular songs"

Restricted: To be honest I'm not sure, but I notice there a few songs that are starting to be recognized. 'Warpaint','Powertrip','Matanza' & 'Plastic'

EPMS: "band members, instruments"

Restricted: Info on our Identities page.

EPMS note: I hadn't figured out their Identities page before, but if you rest the cursor over the individual images, it changes from gray to red, and gives the name of the band member. Doh!!

EPMS note: Anthony plays guitar, Yvette plays bass, Ray plays drums and sings lead vocals. This will be on their page here on EPMS.

EPMS: "how long together?"

Restricted: Restricted has been together since 1998, we've had a few ppl come & go, the current lineup has been around since 2002. We started jamming backyards and keggers in 1999, and hit the club scene in 2001.

EPMS: "influences"

Restricted: Our influences range a wide span, to name a few from each of us... Sepultura, Pantera, Hatebreed, Devildriver, Slipknot, deftones, Sinister, Infinited Hate, Soilent Green, Brujeria, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Royal Crown Revue, Metallica, Cold, Offspring, damn I could go on & on.

EPMS: "places played in EP"

Restricted: Surges, Texas Rockhouse, Hiney's, Club 101, Midnight Oasis, Nakyes Stadium, Nakyes Bar & Grill, Blue Moon, Warehouze, Skate El Paso, Halftime Sportsbar, Peanut Gallery, Bombardiers, Doubledaves, Laguna Blues. This is about all I can remember, we have actually played most places in this town at least once.

EPMS: "out of town gigs"

Restricted: None yet, but we are planning on hitting the road this Summer.

EPMS: "non-music background of musicians"

Restricted: Not really sure what you mean by this.

EPMS note: what I mean is, are any of you having sex with farm animals?

EPMS: "most interesting thing about the band"

Restricted: I guess that our vocalist is also our drummer. I think that really trips ppl out at first glance. Far as I know we are the only band with this setup in EP.

EPMS: "how do you like playing in EP?"

Restricted: Its home. But as I said, we are planning on getting out of EP this year because we are trying to reach a wider audience who digs our sound. Its really hard to get ppl to come out to local shows and keep them there to support EACH band up there performing. Most just like to complain that the local scene sucks, when they have never been to a show themselves. Its hypocrisy. I feel like we have some really great bands jamming here in EP, and a lot have the talent to really break out big. We just need ppl to come out and get a buzz going, instead of showing up to see their friends and splitting before the show is over.

EPMS: "where did you get the name for the band?"

Restricted: I honestly don't remember. I know that when we were sitting around trying to think of a name, someone had a thesaurus out spewing out these obscure names. We probably got fed up and just chose a name at random. We had originally gone under the name "Profane" until 2000 when we changed it to Restricted.

EPMS: "what percentage of your songs are original?"

Restricted: We only warm up with a couple of cover songs at each show (seriously, 2 covers), Everything else you hear is 100% original. Ray will always identify which songs are ours, and which are covers. (gotta give credit when credit's due)

EPMS: "available for interview? Since you are playing regularly in El Paso, we'd be interested."

Restricted: Sure.

All of the pictures on our site are in the Flash Slideshow which pretty much means you can't download them without taking a PS snapshot. So I've gone ahead and attached a pic for you.

EPMS note: we're pretty clever over here, so we stole, er, borrowed a few of them. Thanks anyhow for the attachment.

El Paso, Tx