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Rod Yearwood of Duck Domino, Five Questions

Today we ask Five Questions of Steve Yearwood, Duck Domino's blues guitarist extraordinaire. Steve has also worked at Danny's Music Box off and on since 1986. Duck Domino will be playing 4/22 at Murphy's Cantina, and at the Grand Opening of Whiskey Dick's in Horizon (tentatively 4/16). Rod likes playing outdoors, and can't wait for summer.

EPMS: Who is your favorite dead musician?

Steve Yearwood: Number one would have to be Ray Charles. He never stopped learning. One thing we have in common is that we've both covered all kinds of music. Later in life he did a lot of blues. I've played all kinds of music, I wore a wig for a while. Eventually I discovered that I really just wanted to be true to myself.

Also, Robert Johnson, who was far ahead of his time, and is still being covered today. He did a little bit of everything. Hendrix.

EPMS: Describe your favorite guitar?

Steve Yearwood: I've always loved Les Pauls, but they're too heavy to carry around. I have to say my Ernie Ball Custom.

EPMS: Which of the 7 dwarfs is closest to your personality? Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, or Sleepy?

Steve Yearwood: That's tough. To be three-dimensional, you have to have several of those aspects. I'm definitely Happy, except for a nasty cough that I have right now, which makes me Grumpy. Sleepy? Nah.

EPMS: Favorite local band?

Steve Yearwood: I wish I could tell you I had one.

EPMS: If you could be in any band, existing or not, for one day, which would it be?

Steve Yearwood: The Neville Brothers, a kind of New Orleans blues, boogie, funk, bayou kind of thing. I really like them. Also, I could add something to them, since they don't have real firepower in the guitar, although they have a very good guitar player.

- Charles Hurley

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