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4 Questions with Saul Montes, In Trance

EPMS note: Before I called him, I asked Saul by email whether he liked Beavis & Butthead or South Park better. He said, 'Beavis & Butthead.' But this doesn't count against my 4 questions!

EPMS: Your band, In Trance, just played the Bandit's Rock 'n' Roll Rumble. How often do y'all play battles of the bands?

Saul: It just comes up when we hear about it. If it's something of our genre, we participate. Many times, it's just for original bands. The Rock 'n' Rumble was within our reach.

EPMS: In Trance is moving away, at least somewhat, from classic rock. What is driving this change in your set list?

Saul: The club owners felt that just playing older music like Grand Funk, Peter Frampton, stuff like that, was too old, and was driving their clientele away. They want us to play more of what the kids are listening to today.

EPMS: Who is your favorite 70s band?

Saul: I guess Grand Funk Railroad, for their diversity and musicianship.

EPMS: What do the next six months hold for In Trance?

Saul: Hopefully, we can keep up with the times, write one or two originals. I hate to limit ourselves. We just want to continue entertaining, and we hope people like what we have to offer. Anything and anywhere, that's what we do.

- Charles Hurley

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