El Paso Music Scene

Shape Shifters

by Malice

I had never seen Shapeshifters perform before, so I was pretty amped about the show. I got to Lucky Devils and was welcomed with smiles and warmth. For those who have yet to go to Lucky Devils, quit putting it off and go.

Lucky Devils boasts a beautiful mirrored staircase, the most polite employees, and the best service. In the entrance way into Lucky Devils, a huge cartoonish devil face with a cigarette in his mouth greets you. The stage has flames in the background, and a few walls display murals. The staircase shows flyers of upcoming shows. Lucky Devils provides two bars; one upstairs, the other downstairs. The patio upstairs provides a covered haven for those needing a cigarette, or a quiet place to use the phone while the shows are going on.

Now, the ShapeShifters' show's flyers said we would have ShapeShifters performing, along with 2Mex, The Dirtheadz and Amoni Scarsayzie. Since 2Mex cancelled, the cover went from $10 to $9. (is 2Mex really worth just a dollar?)

The show was supposed to start at 9 PM. The show didn't start until about 10:30 PM or a little later. So, in the meantime, spinning on the turntables was Grandfather Jesse, a local DJ.

Amoni Scarsayzie was the first to perform. He stepped on stage and brought a bit of the crowd to their feet and around the stage. Not much, as far as crowd participation goes. He was getting the crowd warmed up, though. Little by little, some people started nodding their heads, while others were still exploring Lucky Devils and ordering drinks. Amoni's deliverance wasn't as clear as it was at Copal Fest the night before. It sounded almost forced, as though he was tired. But, he still put his heart into it, and gave the crowd what they wanted.

After a brief intermission of about five, maybe ten minutes in which Grandfather Jesse passed the time with music, The DirtHeadz took to the stage. The crowd, that was warmed up by Amoni, jumped into the intricate sounds of The DirtHeadz. They gave a great performance, similar to the one at Copal Fest. The crowd was participating in major ways. Every time Physics would shout "DIRT," the crowd responded with a thunderous "HEADZ".

After The DirtHeadz, there was an open mic in which Prophit and Physics both participated. All in good fun, everyone participating in the open mic poked fun at others and themselves, and had the crowd enjoying every moment of it. After the open mic, music played and people began break dancing. Around 12 AM, ShapeShifters took the stage and performed until 1:45 AM. ShapeShifters pulled the crowd together. Upstairs was left barren except for the occasional person outside smoking a cigarette. The crowd cheered them so much,, you would think Snoop Dogg or Eminem or someone to that degree had stepped on stage.

The crowd as a whole moved right up the stage and joined in with the singing. ShapeShifters had great beats and an awesome DJ backing them up. Their lyrics were heated, although some were simplistic, yet intriguing. The crowd that filled the entire downstairs portion throbbed with energy and passion for ShapeShifters. 2Mex's abscence was hardly noticed. Only two incidents occurred, one by sheer accident. A woman wearing high heels was in the midst of the crowd during ShapeShifters. The crowd was jumping (literally), and she got bumped into and she fell. She is doing fine, I'm glad to report, and she said, "I really like this place, I'm going to be back a lot!" The other incident, simply a couple arguing, maybe too many drinks, maybe not enough. But the man was getting a little outspoken, so security calmly escorted him out. Well done, guys.

Eye II Eye Productions put on a good show, and this was the first Hip Hop show at Lucky Devils. Will there be more, only time, and the owner, will tell. Was the crowd satisfied? You better believe it. Did I have fun? Of course! I was surrounded by friends, great music, great staff at Lucky Devils, and I didn't have to worry about bats.

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