El Paso Music Scene

Something Wicked Interview

The Band:
Jimmy Woodruff - Vocals
Dave Ferol - Lead Guitar
Bernie Esparza - Rhythm Guitar
Gilbert Moya - Bass
Stevie D. - Drums

EPMS: How long has Something Wicked been together?

Dave: Stevie and me, thirteen years.

Jimmy: I've been in the band for six months.

Dave: Time flies... Something Wicked has been together thirteen years. Stevie has a newspaper from our first gig at Butterfield's, which is Mulligan's now.

Stevie: But this is our first interview. We're virgins.

Bernie: I've been in the band eight months.

EPMS: What places do you play?

Jimmy: Anywhere.

Gil: Handlebars, Crawdaddys

Dave: (deadpans) Next week, we're playing Peter Piper Pizza.

Dave: We are doing the Balloon Fest.

Jimmy: (to Dave) Is that confirmed?

Dave: Yes.

Stevie: It is for sure.

EPMS: Favorite dead musician?

Gil: Dimebag

Dave: Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Stevie: John Bonham

Jimmy: Randy Rhoads... The way Randy Rhoads used to jam makes me get hard...

EPMS: What would surprise people about Something Wicked?

Stevie: Well, we're not gay.

Jimmy: (to Stevie) You must get lots that say you are.

Gil: We don't drink (raises beer) Cheers! (pause) We're all 21.

EPMS note: No, they're not.

EPMS: Influences?

Jimmy: Kiss, Metallica.

Stevie: For me it was Kiss.

Bernie: AC/DC.

Dave: Kirk Hammett, Zakk Wylde.

EPMS: Which of the Seven Dwarfs are you?

Stevie: Dopey.

Dave: Horny.

Jimmy: Grumpy. I have a shirt that says that.

Bernie: Happy.

Gil: Definitely Sneezy.

EPMS: How do you coordinate your solos?

Stevie: We don't spontaneously throw them out there, we work them up.

Dave: We're not very spontaneous.

Gil: I don't think there's a dwarf named Horny.

EPMS: If you could be in one band, from now or from the past, for one day, which would it be?

Stevie: Black Label Society.

Jimmy: The Doors. It would be cool to replace Jim Morrison.

Gil: Black Label Society, or White Zombie.. but I'm not a girl.

Dave: Abzolut for one day.

Bernie: Probably AC/DC or slayer.

Jimmy: He (Bernie) does a good solo on Slayer.

EPMS: If you could only have one recreational substance for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Dave: : Beer.

Bernie: Royal Crown.

Stevie: Gotta go with my boy, Jack.

Gil: Malibu Rum. Sweet and gets the job done.

EPMS: Next El Paso band to make it:

Dave: Pissing Razors.

Gil: I like speed razor. I don't know, bands break up so often. I like Speed Razor. I also liked leak. Leak was cool.

Jimmy: They're not together any more.

Gil: I liked 8 stitches.

EPMS: What do you think of Atomic Pink?

Dave: Never heard of them

Jimmy: I've just barely heard of them.

Stevie: I know they're hot, but don't write that.

Gil: You Michael Jackson, you. The only thing I hear about them is from the newspaper. They have endorsements from everybody.

Jimmy: I think we should support them (LOL).

Dave: I want a Bud Light endorsement.

EPMS: Favorite cartoon as a kid?

Stevie: Bugs, when he dresses like a girl.

Jimmy: You are a pervert.

Bernie: I like Taz.

Jimmy: Elmer Fudd.

Gil: Groovy Ghoulies.

EPMS: Now?

Dave: South Park and Family Guy.

Stevie: Gotta go with both of them.

Gil: Drawn Together. The very first show, they had two girls making out.

Bernie: I'll go with The Simpsons.

EPMS: Best concert you've ever seen:

Gil: Ozzfest 2000. It ruled.

Stevie: White Zombie and Pantera

Bernie: I gotta agree with that.

Dave: When Korn came. The 'Follow the Leader' tour.

Gil: AC/DC with Molly Hatchett, 1979.

EPMS: Ages:

Jimmy: 34.

Dave: 32.

Gil: I'm 41.

Bernie: I'm 32, but I'm older than Dave.

EPMS: What changes do y'all see yourselves making?

Dave: I want to stop eating roaches. They're tasty little fuckers, it's just hard to stop. Also, this doesn't have to be said: two women at once.

Gil: Put me down for three.

Stevie: I wouldn't mind going to Hawaii.

Gil: Bernie wants to stop peeing in his pants.

EPMS: What instrument would you play, if you had to play one besides your current instrument?

Bernie: Jimmy likes the trumpet

Jimmy: Bernie plays the skin flute.

Gil: Drums.

Stevie: I'd like to be singer. like Rob Halford.

Bernie: I'd wanna sing like Jimmy! (LOL) Not!

EPMS: Stevie, how far along the Rob Halford line you wanna go?

Stevie: What do you mean?

EPMS: He's, umm... he likes guys.

Stevie: He's gay? forget that answer.

Bernie: You all lied to me: I thought y'all were straight when I joined.

Gil: (mimics) I'm stevie, You can bang my drum. Stevie wants to be Rob Halford.

Stevie: We need to thank our buddy Joe Green, he's our road man, he helps us set up lights, move the eqpt, basically the go-to guy when we need help.

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