El Paso Music Scene

Diamond Dave (of The Raggies) Interview


EPMS: Who do you have playing in The Raggies?

Diamond Dave: There are four of us in the band. Jack Kilpatrick plays guitar, sings, and writes the songs, I, Diamond Dave, blow harp and sing a little, Filthy nate, plays bass, and Chris Churchill is our drummer.

EPMS: I thought you had a chick in the band.

Diamond Dave: Me and Jack formed this band with little Kim Foxxxe. She left to raise babies. We have had a couple of different rhythm sections. We love this current lineup! Chris and Nate are absolutely in tune with the vibe of this band.

EPMS: Did you say you play a "blow harp?" Isn't that something pygmies use to kill animals with in Africa?

Diamond Dave: "Blow Harp" is a term used by urban Jewish men to describe "playing harmonica." In my case, its highly amplified harmonica. Sort of Magic Dick meets Mickey Raphael.

EPMS: Why "Diamond Dave?" Do you have a diamond mine, or is that just a way to attract chicks?

Diamond Dave: Legend has it my grandfather was a Diamond dealer in Watts, where I somehow learned to "blow harp" from some of our customers. "Blowing harp" definitely helps attract certain chicks, or as we like to say, nice girls.

EPMS: How long have you been together?

Diamond Dave: The Raggies have been in existence for a little over four years. We had our first gig in T or C, New Mexico, playing for a lot of gay cowboys. We believe in diversity.

EPMS: How often do you play for gay cowboys?

Diamond Dave: I think we have played for gay cowboys twice now. We also love playing our brand of dirty southern rock for our lesbian listeners. Hell, we'll even play for Republicans. We have a song for pro wrestling fans on our new album, "Taco Wagon," available on CD baby and our web site. Like I said, we believe in diversity.

EPMS: Do you sell more CDs online, or at shows?

Diamond Dave: Online sales and sales at shows seem pretty even. We sold some copies over in Italy, through CD Baby, which we're still trying to figure out! We also sell through Bandcamp (theraggies.bandcamp.com) and our own web site, www.theraggies.com. Might roll our site into Bandcamp one of these days. We sell downloads too. Hey! Gotta get a plug in here!

EPMS: Are you a fan of pro wrestling?

Diamond Dave: Pro wrestling is high entertainment. I wish the industry had taken better care of their performers.

Harley Race is our Pro Wrestling song. Inspired by his epic battles with the always exciting Dusty Rhodes. Check them out on You Tube. Jack's the big wrestling expert in the band. I contributed the Lonely Jew harp intro.

EPMS: How many times a year you play El Paso shows?

Diamond Dave: We try to get out to El Paso a few times a year. We love to get out of Las Cruces.

EPMS: How does the scene in Las Cruces compare with that of El Paso?

Diamond Dave: Las Cruces seems open to a variety of music, from original punk bands to Norteno music. One of our favorite venues has been El Patio, in La Mesilla. Audiences there seem ready for anything.

We always enjoy playing in El Paso. I was sad to hear the Cincinnati Bar wasn't having bands there at this time. We did a show last year with Mexicans at Night, one of our favorite bands anywhere. Had them up to Cruces. too.

I'd like to see more venues open to original music in El Paso. That said, Bombardiers is great, and we are playing there November 26, the day after Thanksgiving.

EPMS: You played with Mexicans at Night at the Cincinatti Bar?

Diamond Dave: Yep! We played with the Mexicans at Cincinnati. They were like gods over there. I loved the guitar and drum thing. Brought them to Las Cruces to play with us at The Rain Forest. Their bouncer loved them!

EPMS: What other cities have you played?

Diamond Dave: We played in Socorro at the Capitol Bar a few times this year. We really like it there and the bar and patrons treat us very well. We played the Deming, New Mexico, Starmax Theatre last week. It's the entertainment Mecca of rural Southern New Mexico! We'd like to get out to Ruidoso soon.

EPMS: Have you ever had a band in another city?

Diamond Dave: Chris was in several bands in the bay area. Jack started in Birmingham, Alabama with Shotguns and Whiskey of which all their songs were about. Jody Payne, Willie Nelson's guitar player, is a fan. I used to be in a cowpunk band, The Blastamottos.

EPMS: Have you ever thought of having a dog as a mascot? My dog wanted me to ask you that.

Diamond Dave: We love dogs but dogs seem to either hate (our music) or sing along with the harp.