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Interview with Albert "Tito" Diaz, Eye II Eye Productions - El Paso Music Scene

EPMS: How long have you been in the music industry?

Tito Diaz: I've been in music about 8 years now. I started out with a little crew called 'Ill State of Mind' and did performances and rapped. Now, I have Eye II Eye Productions and we produce artists who are all on the same page, they have the heart, love and determination to do what they are doing and get where they are going.

EPMS: What did you think of tonight's show?

Tito Diaz: It could have been better. I'm surprised El Paso doesn't support underground artists like other cities do. El Paso needs to not be afraid of new sound.

EPMS: How do feel about the performers tonight?

Tito Diaz: They had good quality and lots of energy and great crowd control. They all put on amazing performances

EPMS: What are your future hopes for the music scene in El Paso?

Tito Diaz: To have packed houses NO MATTER WHO is performing.

EPMS: What do you have to say to the younger artists in El Paso that keep saying "El Paso doesn't show us love"?

Tito Diaz: DON'T complain about it. Change it. Find your niche and keep the crowds wanting more.

EPMS: Any words of advice for any musician here in El Paso trying to make it?

Tito Diaz: Don't get discouraged. It takes a lot of work and heart. Every artist starts out shitty but after a year or so they look back and think "I could have done that so much better," and they fix things. Things do NOT happen right away, it takes years to get somewhere. At least 4 years. You need to start out early and don't let anyone get in your way and just keep following your heart.

- Malice

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