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(Very Brief) Zero Syndrome Interview

I ran into Zero Syndrome at The Warehouze. They were preparing to go on shortly after, but I was able to talk to them briefly over the noise:

EPMS: You've been accepted to play on the Vans Warped Tour '05. What is that all about?

Rob Alvarez: The band's going to Houston June 25, in the Reliant Center, on the Kevin Lyman Stage. We'll be playing with very talented bands. We beat out a lot of bands to get accepted on the tour.

EPMS: It sounds like you're going places. What else do you have going on?

Rob Alvarez: We're signed to a distribution deal with Statue Records. Our CD is coming out April 15th. We recorded our album with Mike Major; he produced At The Drive In, and Sparta.

At this point, the noise of another band was too great, so we had to cut it short.

- Charles Hurley

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