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Where is the Music?

We have all been there huddled over the bar talking about our new projects and explaining the tricks of musical mastery. We talk about what we are rehearsing and what we have recorded. Just about everyone out there has at least one original tune recorded on a crappy tape or CD. The problem is tracking down the CD after your friend from the bar disappears never to be seen again. The music definitely interests you, yet where can you get more info on the band. Who knows when that guy may show up again and who can guarantee that he will have a CD in hand for you? Where can we go to get these gems of El Paso music, these underground recordings?

I can't seem to find a good centralized location for local music to be sampled and bought. Of course there are the classic CD outlets that support local music (some less then others), but it is still difficult to hear tracks from the discs. I guess we are not special enough to be entered into the sample database. It becomes a hassle to ask the busy salesman to pull the CD from the display case to listen to it and after asking once do we really want to bug? The lack of convenience for the customer is limiting our sales and simply not letting our music spread. Go on-line, you say? It seems like a great solution, yet there is no place to sample the diversity of this city's music. Where is a ElpasoMp3s.com or a elpasotracks.com? In this time of high speed connections and information sharing where is our piece of cake? No sense in remembering all the bands websites that are ever changing. We need a place to find El Paso music. Step up if you have the resources. Where is the mother board? Where is the big brain? Where are the headphones dedicated to local music? Air time is one thing but I want to hear the songs that the bands don't have the guts to release as a radio single. I want to hear the long drawn out 9 minute improv that has no chance of being on the radio. I just want to hear damn it!! Somebody let me know what I am missing? If these websites exist, where are they? Am I in the dark?

Even if we do get the resources it is still up to us to burn copies and make them look pretty. Hell, I'd rather listen to a burned CD with a crappy insert then nothing at all. We need to convert our tunes to MP3s or whatever is common. We need to release all of our treasured tunes. Soon there will be so much out there that a plan to organize will materialize. Until then I guess we have to keep our CDs in our coat pockets waiting for the next victim. But wait!! We are the babies of technology not door to door salesmen.

Nicholas Matta
Aux.78 / Sea Legs Electro

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