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How Many Guitars Do I Need on Stage?

(A Parable to the human condition)

I need one because it is the only one I need. I want two so that I can have a backup for the one that I need. I should bring three so that I can get a smooth humbucking tone. I need four so that when I feel the waves crashing I can have something with a tremolo system to surf it with. I'll bring five because that guitar always goes out of tune. I'm gonna need six just in case a string on the humbucker busts. There is no use in re-stringing on stage. I need seven just in case my bassist uses his fretless. I should bring the seven string just in case I have to dip low. At that rate I should include the nylon string for the bridge on the third song. Since the acoustic pick up will be there I mine as well lug the twelve string along. I need eleven just to include my first electric guitar. If I move quick enough to switch the A/B selector switch I can bring the semi-hollow body with single coils. It would be great for my second solo.

PHONE RINGS!!! It is my drummer calling to tell me that he is outside waiting in his car. The show is in an hour and a half and we have to rush to the other side of town. What am I going to bring? Well, I'll stick to the one I need tonight after all there is no more room in his freaking Civic after he stuffs all those unnecessary drums in there. Talk about overkill.

Nicholas Matta

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