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News, news, news, and more news. Local television stations willingly fill their available time with a flood of news. They tease shock stories to get our attention and air video that years ago could only be seen on Faces of Death!!! Men being run over, people getting shot, gasoline explosions, child molestation and details of famous peoples private lives. Wow! Are these networks sure that this is what we want or does this plan simply work? What ever happened to entertainment?

I remember local time being donated to dance shows and talk shows that highlighted El Paso. Viva Crosno! What happened to entertainment? Where is local music's place in all of this? Would a local showcase show really hurt ratings at this point? I hope entertainment can slip back into mainstream local television. It's all about the sponsored bump shot. I can't see where a show can go wrong.

On Sundays I watch Asuntos Internos on air channel five. Yeah most of the bands are horrible and the sound isn't always great, but I love the show regardless. Sometimes listening to awful music gives light to new things. Where is El Paso's Asuntos Internos? We have public access but I wish that these corporations would take a risk on us. I can live with a show Sunday mornings at 3am. Throw us a bone. Television once again used as a medium for local culture could only be an improvement.

News at 5am, 5:30am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 5:30pm, 6pm, 10pm, 12am. How much of the same ole can we take? I guess we have to get caught raping someone, hijack an airplane, commit adultery in the public eye, or something to get on local major market stations.

I've heard of local music and arts shows that are in the works. I really hope this happens. I want to see a wide stretch of music and arts from Billy Townes to Bowels Out, Tom Lea to Thieves of Always. I want to see bands performing on television. This day and age there is no problems with pre taping the segments. Where is Mano Sol's Videos on local TV, where are the local ranters!!! Where is the music? Where are the local artists' expressions? I want to see them splash the screen. I can see it now, Little King:Behind the Music, Lylah acoustic, Hal Marcus set to Music, Fewel Project Live, or Aux.78:1978-2005 the tragic death of a fool.

nicholas matta/Aux.78 R.I.P

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