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The Battles

There are so many Battle of The Bands these days. How can we tell who won the battle, and when there are so many contests, do they really matter anyway? We all know that these battles are a terrible measure of El Paso's diversity, but a great indicator of who to head bang to. I guess a battle is what it is. Hard Rock (whatever vein) and metal bands duke it out like a fight scene from Braveheart for the coveted title of the best in town. No room is left for the marimba groups, jazz groups, and salsa junkies. They are bands, too. It is about target audience. A battle is what it is. At least throughout these competitions bands never come to blows. Many people fear that these battles only divide local musicians and anger the losers. I can't see where these things can go bad. After all the winning bands can easily disappear like many a beginning band. How much division can there be if the winning members disperse themselves into other bands?

All of this leads me to think (uh-oh). Since there are so many Battle of The Bands, why don't we have a competition for the winners of all area battles? I know it sucks the fun out of seeing different groups playing short sets and we won't be able to see as many groups, but we will finally be able to crown a local or regional winner. The crown is silly, but a whole bunch of fun. I want to see all the winners battle it out. I can see it now. THE BATTLE OF THE BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!

Nico Matta
Aux.78 / ElectroLegs

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