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It is so disappointing when a band backs out of a pre-planned show. There are so many groups that say one thing and do another. Some do nothing at all. They really inconvenience the promotion process and waste money spent. Do what you say!!!

ElectroLegs played our first show in August. The groups performing for the night were set up four months ahead of time. Communication was constant and reassuring leading up to the show. Little did I know that one group would flake out only two hours before showtime. Two hours!!! After four months to prepare!!! Lame.

Originally, the show was booked for a Saturday at a now-defunct venue. It was supposed to be that Saturday night that led into the first day of class, kinda the Mardi Gras of the summer. The original venue screwed itself, and in that, screwed me, too. So, the show ended up on a Sunday, the dreaded Sunday before class. We knew the draw would be horrible, but the participating parties agreed, and found no problem with playing to the walls. Oh well, things happen. Thank goodness for Crystal at the T-lounge for providing us a place to play.

I really enjoyed the show and thought that DOUBLE AGENTS really pumped the heck out of the place with their electro beats. Mano Sol hit the crowd with his unique and undeniable sound. ElectroLegs played a solid set. We even pulled one out of a hat for the encore that was called from the bar. The crowd reaction was great.

Now let me put aside the good points and let me go off for a bit. I'll try my best not to name names, but the fliers speak for themselves. Four months to prepare!!! Three days before the show, a good friend of mine called to confirm that they would play that night. Bull!!! Three days before!!! What a gesture. I felt confident that the show would go off well. The night before, La Mueka and myself checked out CLOSURE FOR EMILY at the T-Lounge. At that show we ran into another member of the unreliable group. The honesty came out and I learned that the band hadn't played for two or more months. I started to worry. Why the confirmation from my friend? Why the confidence? Why not just back out early?

All of this is not new to me, but when a good friend is behind the bull it bugs me more. I want to hook up my friends with shows if I can. The night wasn't only about music. I was looking forward to spending some time with friends that I care for. I hate when I go see a band that is advertised and they don't show. After all, we are paying cover. Shouldn't we get what we pay for? I felt responsible to provide what was promoted to the crowd. It is like some bands fold before the cards are even dealt. I appreciate that fact that I got a call from the dude that I talked to the night before. Yes, it was two hours before the show, but the fact that they were not a no-call, no-show was considerate. I have yet to hear from my friend that had confirmed days before. I guess I forgot why I took a different path in 2000 and disbanded one of my first bands, a long-running band fronted by that same friend. I guess I forgot his lack of passion for the craft of music. I guess I forgot that he left me hanging for a number of gigs leading up the death of our band. I guess I'm too freaking nice or something. I guess I'll have to change my tune towards him, or better yet, I'll forget about this article for now and put my feelings where they really belong. In song.

Nicholas matta
Aux.78 / ElectroLegs

I need a vacation!!!!

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