El Paso Music Scene

Lack of Ingenuity in Music

by Malice

So I've been hearing a lot of songs lately that just blow my mind. And not in a good way. I hear songs taken from the 50's and 60's and just mixed enough to go along with the hiphop verses. Then I hear a song Big E. Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.) did back in the day but with Mariah Carey lyrics now! Has all genuinity become extinct? Is the basic imagination gone and nothing left but a small person copying hits from past years to make a hit for themselves? Seriously, this is not the way to go. It takes so little time and effort to get a song from back in the day, raise the pitch to sound like a chipmunk and add a little more bass to it and call it a new beat.

I miss when artists developed a beat and put their heart and soul into it. When they turned off the phone and locked the doors and did nothing but work on their beats. When the final product was done, the artist, granted a few pounds lighter, and partially dehydrated, emerged feeling accomplished.

New age music, this whole "pop era" where different styles are meshing together. Like Chi-Mex, Tex-Mex, Jap-Ital, and what not foods, we now have Reggaeton music. People, get it together, its nothing more than a hybrid of reggae music with spanish lyrics. Every Reggaeton song has the same beat, and the same rhythm. You'd probably have more variety playing a Bob Marley cd and Kumbia Kings cd at the same time.

Now-a-days, too many people are trying to come up in the music industry trying to be like someone else. Uniqueness is something that is fast becoming extinct.

I know a couple bands that push for being unique. One of them is our very own Epitha. Kudos, guys, for striving for something most people don't do. Another, again a local, Vertigo Shock. Great sound and awesome stage performance. One soon to be coming out in the scene, SubConsuz. A hiphop artist, taking rap to a whole new level, as well as a stage performance that will blow your mind.

I did, however, speak with one local artist, who told me his group was in it to make it big and make "a shit load of money and never have to work again!" They apparently haven't done their research. Not to mention, most of their music is reminiscent of hits already made. I long for the days when songs weren't copied from previous hits. Bring on the hate mail, I know I'm gonna get it for this article.