El Paso Music Scene

Will it ever stop?

by Malice

I have the utmost respect for anyone in the music industry. As of lately I have heard that Marion "Suge" Knight has been shot in the leg. Right before the Video Music Awards.

For those who don't know who Suge Knight is, he is a major icon in the Rap and Hip Hop industry. He played a main role, and is still suspected in, the murders of Amaru Tupac Shakur and Chris "Biggie Smalls" Wallace. He's a large man, built of mostly large masses of muscle. It's going to take a lot to take him down. But nonetheless, an attempt was made to take his life Sunday at a Miami party hosted by Kanye West. Suge Knight, 40, was shot in his upper right thigh and was hospitalized, where he is in good condition and will undergo surgery to remove the bullet and set his broken femur. The shooter is still at large, but was described as a "black male wearing a pink shirt." Then, at the VMAs, hard-hitting rapper 50 Cent is on stage bad-mouthing Fat Joe. Backstage, Jamie Foxx said, "Didn't Tupac and Biggie teach you all anything? Let it go!" We've lost too many people in the music industry to murder.

I fully agree with Jamie Foxx. Let it go, everyone. Let go of those asinine grudges. So what if he said you combed your hair funny? So what if he said your neighborhood was filthy? It's time we all come together and showed some love. Especially in our own town.

Seriously, people, don't get me wrong - I love rap, hip hop, rock, country, classical, etc. But when you hear a song from one local artist to another saying they are gonna "put a cap in that worthless ass," it makes you shudder. Northeast hates Central, Eastside hates Westside, and Segundo, well, they just don't like anyone.

COME ON PEOPLE! Get it together and start the peace. Keep your raps about the hard-knock life. Keep your rhymes about abusive, drunk parents. Just drop the violence against each other. Trust, it's for the better.

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