El Paso Music Scene

Press Releases

Avan Lava, 8/19/15
29 Texas Artists receive 34 Grammy nominations, 2007, Texas Music Office.
Little King CD Release, 12/6/07.
Ray Price 82nd Birthday, Tyler Concert, 12/4/07
Vybe Records Talent Show, 11/1/07
Ryan Rosoff, Little King, 2/11/07
The Summer Wardrobe, Zeppelins Pub, 1/20/07
Zombie Ghost Train, Lucky Devils, 11/30/06
Lylah CD Release Party, Lucky Devils, 2/25/06
99.1 The Bandit's Rock 'n' Roll Rumble, The Stampede, 2/19/06
Sex Pistols Experience, 2nd press release, Lucky Devils, 2/4/06
Sex Pistols Experience, Lucky Devils, 2/4/06
Dead by Day, Lucky Devils, 12/18/05
Mellotron Announcement about their breakup with Mike Chafino, 12/9/05
Alain Whyte, HORR, 12/4/05
Naked Beggars Bio, 12/3/05
Naked Beggars, Murphy's Cantina, 12/3/05
Laughing with the Fishes, Lucky Devils, 11/23/05
Concombre Zombi, Lucky Devils, 11/19/05
Authority Zero, Lucky Devils, 11/17/05
Hollywood All Starz, Murphys Cantina, 10/28/05
Seagram's Smooth presents The Too....Hot, Too....Fast, Too....Low Concert & Custom Carshow, Coliseum, 10/23/05
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Lucky Devils, 10/16/05
Black Halos, HORR, 10/3/05
Roger Clyne, Murphy's Cantina, 9/23/05
Thor Struck by Lightning, 9/19/05
Visible Men, The T Lounge, 9/18/05
Fluffgirl Burlesque Roadshow, Lucky Devils, 9/17/05
Da Hip-Hop Zone, 209 S. El Paso St., 9/3/05
Young Artists Society of El Paso, 8/30/05
The Eyeliners, HORR, 8/27/05
Tom Heinl
Bring That Beat Back, The Zone, 8/24/05
Thor Murphy's Cantina 8/23
Copal Fest Hineys, 7/30-31
Harvesting the Dead US Tour, Lucky Devils, 7/27/05