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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APRIL 23, 2008 CLASSIC ROCK OUTFIT THE LONELY H ANNOUNCE SPRING/SUMMER TOUR DATES IN SUPPORT OF SOPHOMORE FULL-LENGTH, "HAIR" EL PASO SHOW: The Lonely H in El Paso, May 3rd at Kings X DOWNLOAD "Hair" (The Control Group) at http://www.inmusicwetrust.com/promo/thelonelyhpromo.html. Username "promo" and password "music". The Lonely H's video for "Hair" (the album's title track): http://inmusicwetrust.com/thelonelyh/ "The achingly epic vocal and lead piano belongs in a stadium full of bell bottoms and lighters raised heavenward." MSNBC "Taut live shows swirled with swank three-part vocal harmonies earned the band a 'don't miss this' reputation." SPIN "Truly infectious old-school rock n' roll." The New York Post "Talk about overachievers." CMJ Seattle-by-way-of-Port Angeles, Washington's The Lonely H, four youthful (three members are 19, one is 21) rockers spreading the gospel of their sophomore full-length, "Hair" (The Control Group), just returned home to Seattle after three months on the road throughout the winter. Home for a mere two weeks, the quartet got a bit of rest time to see their parents, friends, girlfriends, and whatnot, and are now hitting the road - again! - this time for the spring and summer. And, it's shaping up to be another grueling three months on the road. Something these four classic rock marvels revel in. MYSPACE PAGE: http://www.myspace.com/thelonelyh TOUR DATES: 4/24/08 - The Walnut Room - Denver, CO 4/25/08 - The Chat Room Pub - Fort Worth, TX 4/26/08 - Club Dada - Dallas, TX 4/29/08 - The White Water Tavern - Little Rock, AR 5/01/08 - Emo's - Austin, TX 5/02/08 - Burt's Tiki Lounge - Albuquerque, NM 5/03/08 - Kings X - El Paso, TX 5/05/08 - Che Cafe - La Jolla, CA 5/06/08 - Echo Curio - Echo Park (Los Angeles), CA 5/07/08 - The Stork Club - Oakland, CA 5/08/08 - Davidsons Distillery - Reno, NV 5/09/08 - The Hemlock - San Francisco, CA 5/10/08 - The Old Ironsides - Sacramento, CA 5/14/08 - Peninsula College - Port Angeles, WA 5/16/08 - KPSU 1450 AM (6pm, on-air) - Portland, OR 5/16/08 - Tiger Bar w/ New York Rifles - Portland, OR 5/17/08 - Hell's Kitchen (all-ages, early show, 7pm) - Tacoma, WA 5/24/08 - The Comet - Seattle, WA 5/26/08 - Juan de Fuca Festival - Port Angeles, WA 5/28/08 - Garage Pub - Billings, MT 5/31/08 - Snow Creek Saloon - Red Lodge, Montana 6/06/08 - Nutty's - Sioux Falls, SD 6/07/08 - The Uptown - Minneapolis, MN 6/11/08 - Oldfield's On High - Columbus, OH 6/13/08 - Sozo - State College, PA 6/14/08 - The Bug Jar - Rochester, NY 6/20/08 - The Annex - New York City, NY 6/21/08 - Olive's - Nyack, NY 6/24/08 - DC 9 - Washington D.C. 6/27/08 - Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC 7/04/08 - Smith's Olde Bar - Atlanta, GA 7/08/08 - Preservation Pub - Knoxville, TN The Lonely H spent their graduation summer [2007] touring coast-to-coast in support of their new record and got a glimmer of the mission they were born to undertake. Tour is a magical place where every stage, no matter how high, is a new opportunity to deliver the goods. Armed with melodies that sound like letters to Penthouse etched on colored vinyl, the band lifted, lightened, and gave rise to every technical challenge. Bulletins started coming in over the wire from fans and bloggers [MSNBC, The New York Post, CMJ]. So, from Memphis to Manhattan went pockets full of picks, licks, pianos, and the living-loving swagger that has happily intoxicated the Pacific Northwest the last few years. Thanks to these starlit marauders, Port Angeles can sometimes sound like the good parts of 1970's Los Angeles depending what Saturday night they're home. Idling the van for a wise fall quarter at the University Of Washington, the H cracked books and fantasized with giddy relief about their soon-to-be-months out on the road in 2008. They can handle it, mama. Not only did they survive the twelfth grade riding ferries to play rock shows on school nights, they simultaneously penned and released two albums with heart and heat to match [Kick Upstairs (2006) and Hair (2007) The Control Group]. For more information, please contact Alex Steininger at In Music We Trust PR 503-557-9661 or alex@inmusicwetrust.com. -- Alex Steininger In Music We Trust (PR, label, zine) 15213 SE Bevington Avenue / Portland, Oregon 97267-3355 V: 503-557-9661 / alex@inmusicwetrust.com
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