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Atomic Pink, at UTEP's Union Breezeway, 11/9/05
Copal Fest, at Hiney's, 7/31/05
Own the Mic show, at Casa Verde, 5/27/05
Chris McFarland, at The T Lounge, 5/21/05
Closure for Emily, at The T Lounge, 5/21/05
Remembering Glory Days Tour, at Hiney's, 5/18/05
Captain Boom, at Oasis Lanes/Frankie's, 5/6/05
Redeye Factor, at Bombardier's, 4/28/05
Hettory, at Mugshots, 4/27/05
Russ T. Nail, at Oasis Lanes/Frankie's, 4/21/05
Various Bands, at The Warehouze, 4/16/05
Cantina Flys, at The Corral, 4/10/05
Gypsy Rose, at The Corral, 4/10/05
Slunt (NYC), at The Corral, 4/10/05
202, at Three Legged Monkey, 4/3/05
Duck Domino, at Handle Bars, 4/1/05
Dr. Groove, at The Cockpit Lounge, 4/1/05
Abinormal, at Three Legged Monkey, 3/27/05
Devices in Shift, at Hiney's, 3/26/05
Heartfelt Embrace, at Hiney's, 3/26/05
Med-X, at Andre's Pizza, 3/24/05
Crisis (LA), at Bombardier's, 3/17/05
Speed Razor, at Bombardier's, 3/17/05
Of Graves and Gods, at Bombardier's, 3/17/05
The Fewel Project at Hiney's, 3/14/05
Alibi at Murphy's Cantina, 3/12/05
Tension at The Venue, 3/4/05
In Trance at Beach House Bar and Grill, 2/26/05
Abinormal at Bulldog English Pub, 2/26/05
Section 8 at Bulldog English Pub, 2/19/05
Chronicals at the Three-Legged Monkey, 2/13/05
Hot Pursuit at the Cockpit Lounge, 2/11/05.
Banda Los Latinos 12/31/04
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