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"...music is goddamn, baby-oiled, glitter-blasted party..." - VICE's Noisey "a hot, beep-house cut" - FADER "you need to go to an AVAN LAVA concert." - NPR "Brooklyn indie-pop outfit AVAN LAVA's high-energy gigs include choreographed dance routines and trippy light shows." - Time Out NY "Band To Watch In 2015" - NYLON

Today, AVAN LAVA announce a new US tour that will start at Palm Spring's Splash festival and go through Texas, back to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Kansas City and end in Chicago. In honor of the new adventures, they've released a new remix by Toronto's Action and VICE's Noisey premiered"Wanna Live" (Action remix) HERE.

Watch the CHIC ft Nile Rodgers "I'll Be There" (AVAN LAVA remix) official music video HERE Video stars super model Karlie Kloss and directed by Inez and Vinoodh. It's officially on iTunes HEREand soundcloud HERE.

Earlier they revealed the video for their anthem "Wanna Live" via EW.com HERE, who call it "a starkly shot clip that mirrors AVAN LAVA's sound". The sleek music video is the directorial debut of Alexander Hammer from the production company HUE&I CREATIVE COLLECTIVE. Alexander Hammer has also been responsible for the editing work on Beyonce's Life Is But a Dream and On The Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay Z documentary. The video was also featured in YouTube's "New Music This Week" playlist HERE.

AVAN LAVA released their Make It Real EP via the JD Samson co-founded label Atlas Chair to critical acclaim. The band has been making a stride the past few months with praise from supporters like NPR at SXSW, FADER Magazine, NYLON's 11 break out artists at SXSW, IndieShuffle interview, Interview Magazine interview, NY Magazine, Time Out NY, Noisey interview, IDOLATOR etc etc. Besides the critical praise they also reached#1 on the Hypem charts with their LEFTI remix of "Wanna Live", that Your Music Radar called "you could be forgiven for mistaking this as a new Basement Jaxx track."

In a culture seemingly obsessed with irony and self-seriousness, NYC's dance-pop pioneers AVANLAVA are a breath of fresh air. Or, to be more specific, they are a big, bright, confetti-filled breath of fresh air that, upon breathing, causes a person to dance, sweat, and smile uncontrollably. The band have staked their claim as one of New York's most vibrant pop acts - a kind of natural bridge between late night club culture and kaleidoscopic pop theatricality.

In doing so, the trio of Ian Pai (producer/drummer), Le Chev (producer/keyboard/guitar) and TC Milan (vocals) have earned a fervent fanbase and managed to bring their raucous live show to points all over the globe. The group last EP - Flex Fantasy - proved to be a commercial breakthrough, fine-tuning the trio's penchant for marrying soulful vocals and sanguine beats. In addition to a seemingly endless amount of touring, the EP also produced three videos (including a gorgeous clip for "Sisters", filmed in San Juan) and lead to a long-standing collaboration with famed fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh, for whom AVAN LAVA created original music for the duo's fashion campaigns. They also contributed music to campaigns for Dior, Mango, Viktor & Rolf, Calvin Klein, and Miu Miu - collaborations that not only kept the band occupied, but kept them at the cultural forefront. Now, after constant touring, collaboration, and logging countless hours in the studio, AVAN LAVA returned with Make It Real - a six-track EP that pushes the group's seamless, club-friendly sound into the stratosphere.

The six tracks on Make It Real show off AVAN LAVA's various strengths, not just as great pop songwriters but also in terms of production. "Take This City" and "Last Night" (a track championed by BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac) are the kind of classic, house-inflected party tracks that sound equally huge played in headphones or blasting across a dance floor. Elsewhere, "Leave it All Behind" is the kind of euphoric tour de force that has become the band's stock in trade - an empowerment anthem that seems tailor-made for late-nights out and/or high-fiving yourself in the mirror. Le Chev described the track to The FADER as follows: "When you finally take a minute to gain perspective, you're not where you set out to be. 'Leave It All Behind' is about having the courage to start over, even if that means losing everything. It's about making the space for freedom in your life."

So much about AVAN LAVA's modus operandi can be summed up in their live show - a constantly evolving spectacle involving backup dancers, custom designed light shows, and the occasional confetti cannon. At a time when the idea of a live show often involves little to no production and not much in the way of sense of humor, the AVAN LAVA live experience is essentially the opposite: big, bright, and fundamentally joyous. For the uninitiated, seeing AVAN LAVA play live is something akin to being to being taken to church - a sweaty, messy, club-shaped church where everyone is encouraged to stop worrying about being cool and dance their asses off. This spirit of euphoria - the shaking off the negative and embracing happiness - has always been at the heart of what AVAN LAVA is all about. It's also the driving force behind the tracks on Make It Real.

-- More praise for AVAN LAVA --

"AVAN LAVA's "Last Night" is your new moody dance party jam." - Paper Magazine

"a total revelation." - Noisey

" a stomping club-ready track that encapsulates the vibrant underground NYC dance scene, thanks to the smooth vocals, attention-grabbing harmonies and wild synths that have an '80s flair." - IDOLATOR

"A rich sound that melds together Prince-style pop flair on one side with a Daft Punk disco edge on the other resulting in some pretty party worthy anthems." - MTV

"dark, self-pitying, computer-driven R&B in the style of the Weeknd, except sweeter and smarter and way better sung. Album, please." - NY Post