El Paso Music Scene

El Paso Music Interviews

TC Milan, of Avan Lava, 9/2/15
Zane Williams, Be Music and Entertainment, 7/27/15
Neil and Evan of Great Shapes, 7/11/15
Michael Santoscoy, 4/16/15
Jason Cavallaro, Me and Heath, 9/20/11
Mark Fowler, 9/10/11
Marisa Predisik, Paper City, 8/24/11
Robert Martinez, StilaFect, 8/18/11
Pato Banton, 3/29/11
Alex Sandoval, Inline With You, 2/25/11
Diamond Dave, The Raggies, 11/18/10.
Jack Lutz, 2/19/09.
Interview, Mark Fredson, The Lonely H, 11/5/08.
Mike West, Dinnertime Records, 9/20/08.
Jamie Hernandez, 10/6/07.
Ian Moore, 10/3/07.
Lisa Montes, 9/24/07.
Mike Corleone, 8/24/07.
Phil Candelaria, Pony Productions, 8/24/07.
Sue Moreno (Netherlands, EMI/ToBeOne, Jungle Records, HepCat, Rarity, BlueN) , 1/27/07.
Robert Chisolm, Jonezetta (Tooth & Nail, Clinton, MS), 11/30/06.
Miranda Ross, Bruja, 11/27/06.
Lizzy DeVine, Vains of Jenna (LA, Filthy Note), 11/10/06.
Dave Slocum, Artimus Pyledriver (Atlanta, DRT), 11/7/06.
Flipcyide, 11/04/06.
XRayOK, Los Angeles, 10/21/06.
Soto, Words Like Knives, 2/23/06.
Diego Salas, King Octopus, 2/22/06
Joey T, Mandola, 1/17/06, 12/18/05.
Martin, Gino, Carlos, [Voyeur], 12/16/05.
Eric Martell, The Cantina Flys, 12/10/05.
Hog, George, Epitha, 11/23/05.
Eric 13, Sex Slaves, 12/4/05.
Elvis Suissa, Three Bad Jacks, 12/3/05.
Jenn, Girl in a Coma, 11/15/05.
Tony Aguilar, Totimoshi, 9/6/05
Ryan Rosoff on Little King's new record deal, Little King, (CenterLine Records), 8/22/05
Thor, (Canada, Smog Veil Records), 8/9/05
RPM, (LA, 7940 Records), 8/9/05
Chris Hate7/6/05
Jeff Martin, This Day and Age (Buffalo, One Eleven Records), 7/2/05
David Garza, (Austin, Wide Open Records), 6/28/05
Archer Avenue, (Texas), 6/27/05
Greg Lake, J4, (LA, LOL Records), 6/16/05
Tom Connelly, 99.1 The Bandit, 6/15/05
Veda, (Kansas City), 6/14/05
Brian Ramos, Thieves of Always, Five Questions, 6/13/05
Greg Horton, Bullet Train to Vegas, (LA, Nitro Records), 6/11/05
Patrice Pike, (Austin), 6/10/05
David Aaron Freed, Fighter Pilot (Hollywood, Bankroll Records), 6/9/05
Eddy Garcia, Ministry; Pissing Razors; and Speed Razor, 6/8/05
Dario, Bajo Zero, Five Questions, 6/8/05
Voyeur, 6/4/05
Cantina Flys, 6/2/05
Interview with Mark Sutor, June (Chicago, Victory Records), 5/27/05
Interview with Chris Gaffney, The Hacienda Brothers (Tucson, Koch Records), 5/28/05
Interview with Josh, Ripcor, 5/22/05
Chris McFarland (Austin, In Music We Trust) Interview, 5/18/05
20 Minute Loop (San Francisco, Fortune Records) Interview, 5/13/05
Gary Black of Texas Boogiemen, Four Questions, 5/10/05
Mike Solis of Outshined, Five Questions, 5/9/05
Mike McFee of Imatra, Four Questions, 5/9/05
Four Questions Interview with Al Miranda, Jr., Soul Survivor, 5/6/05
Interview with Thee Twinz (Albuquerque), 5/6/05
Barbara, And the Furies Say..., 4/27/05
Mike Saucedo of Redeye Factor, Five Questions, 4/24/05
Finish the Fight, interviewed, 4/20/05.
Marc Sauceda of Archer Avenue, Five Questions, 4/20/05
Kiff Payne of Tension, Five Questions, 4/19/05
Steve Salazar, The Cantina Flys, 4/10/05
Abby Gennet, Slunt (NYC, Repossession Records), 4/10/05
Something Wicked, Something Wicked, 4/9/05
Rod Yearwood, Duck Domino, 5 Questions, 4/9/05
Very Brief Zero Syndrome Interview, 3/26/05
John Anderson, Captain Radio and the Flyers, 4 Questions, 3/17/05
Saul Montes, In Trance, 4 Questions, 3/10/05
Ryan Rosoff and Shannon Brady, Little King, 3/9/05
Devices in Shift, 3/6/05
Michael Barrett of Dezert Demonz Dragway/Desert Horizon Pavilion, 2/27/05
Dr. Groove, 2/23/05
Gil Alvarado and Ernie Avila, Tension, 2/23/05
Paul Ward, Aisling, 2/20/05
Chris Lugo, New Horizon, 4 questions, 2/20/05
Restricted, 2/20/05
Javier Herrera, New Horizon, 2/18/05
Eddie Limon, IRS, 1/24/05

Shape Shifters, 8/2/05
Swat, 7/31/05
Dirtheadz, 7/31/05
B-Real, 7/31/05
Flipcyide, 6/8/05
Myth Interview, 5/25/05
Awar and Icon the Mic King Interview, 5/18/05
Tito Diaz Interview, Eye II Eye Productions, 5/18/05
Jesus Reyes Interview, Golden Rule Records, 5/18/05
Dutch Interview, Dutch and Dok, 5/18/05

Obeisance, 6/18/05
Bowels Out, interviewed, 4/18/05.
Adrian, Tury of Pigflesh, 4/17/05
Med-X, Med-X, 3/24/05

Promotion Round Table, Dave Volk, Ryan Rosoff, and Melissa Benavides talk about promotion and publicity for bands, 5/27/05
Thee Twinz, an Albuquerque Cumbia Norteña group fronted by two 19-year-old twins, 5/6/05
Louie Speaking Eagle Interview, Louie Speaking Eagle and Yoeme, 4/27/05
Jack Lutz, KLAQ, 4/14/05
Oasis Lanes, Article, 4/7/05
Rose Guerra Interview, 3/26/05